Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Michael Jackson: "They don't care about us".

Michael Jackson informing the world of the Zionist agenda. And how they corrupt innocent minds through music.

The song they don't care about us is one that should be rememered forever.
It gives away so many secrets. As does the original video. This song gives hope and teaches us the truth. The establishment don't care about us. We are completely at their disposal. They don't want us to hear such hopeful music. They don't want us singing 'they don't really care about us', because it might wake us up to the truth.

Michael Jackson knew the effects of repetition - it is used in music to corrupt us. But Michael's later music was created to save us.

Michael gave us back our hope and tried to give us a chance to save the world.
He loved the world.

Please download this video... Before the ever censored YouTube takes it down. Keep this message going. We can still win this war.

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