Monday, 30 April 2012

The damage caused by a constant bombardment of sexual imagery?!

The modern film industry thrives by promoting a constant sexual theme, to further destroy the already heavily debauched and enslaved masses.  This sexual theme has been damaging our mentality ever since it became accepted as a conventional means of 'entertainment'.  It has allowed the ideology that we should 'lust after everything in sight' to become accepted as normal human behaviour - it is not.  As intelligent humans, it is in our nature to be with just one person for the rest of lives - to be monogamous and content with that one person.  But the evil film industry promotes the idea that we should be unhappy with the one we are with, and therefore lust after everyone else - including prostitutes (porn stars and actresses/actors, singers) and every person we see on the street.  We are conditioned to look for someone close the 'look' we have been forced in to lusting after - but this supposed 'look' does not exist.  It is unrealistic to expect perfection - perfection does not exist, why else would the make up artists have to plaster their clients in a mask to cover what they truly look like - and then the images have to be air brushed to further correct the supposed imperfections?!

But not only does the film industry push promiscuity and lust, it also convinces us that the people in these films - and the relationships they have are the kind of thing we should be looking for.  Often this includes a romantic display that we are supposed to seek - apparently spending large sums of money for a consumer established day (Valentines day for example) equals romance.  We are led to believe that the kind of relationships in these films are how relationships really ought to be.
Men and women both come to expect each other to always be perfect and to read each others minds.  Women are taught to accept their men masturbating over, or imagining other women during sex - which is not a good thing, it is a form of betrayal, we should be satisfied with the one we are with.  Not pining for something else.
Men are taught that they should be eyeing up every woman in sight, fantasising about other women and masturbating over them - this is not something either sex should be doing.  It is destructive and it destroys relationships.

We are also pushed to believe that commitment is something to fear.  Being single and promiscuous is glorified.  And relationships now instead of involving getting better acquainted with one another through conversation and over a long period of time, and allowing the relationship to progress slowly, to sleeping with someone straight away and occasionally bothering to learn the persons name, and sometimes favourite colour!

Pornography is another fine example of how such things influence our behaviour.  Pornography promotes the idea of experimenting (sleeping around with anyone or thing, regardless of the basic rules any moral human should abide by), it teaches us to accept perversions.  In fact it creates many perversions by destroying the minds of the people who watch it.  People who watch porn quickly become destroyed both mentality and emotionally by it.  It becomes an obsession and it leads to needing much worse depravity in order to excite oneself.  This is due to the fact that we become desensitised to such things very quickly.
The same goes for violence on TV - we see it so often that it longer horrifies us.  We pretty much grow up with such disgusting images.  Even the news makes a point of destroying our minds through fear mongering, by showing violent imagery.
Pornography desensitises us to disgusting and perverted imagery - and as time goes on less and less of this debauchery manages to disgust us.  We come to accept it as normal and thus seek further perversion to excite ourselves as we quickly become 'bored' with the things we have been desensitised to.

*A good example of this is Hugh Hefner, the playboy founder - his life of promiscuity and promotion of debauched imagery has left him unable to perform without the use of Viagra, as well as incapable of sustaining his artificial erection without the aide of homosexual male pornographic imagery as well as female homosexual acts being committed in front of him.*  See this article: Why all porn is gay.
This is exactly what porn does to people, it destroys us physically, mentally and emotionally.
It tears apart everything natural and decent - and replaces it with everything that is wrong and destructive.  Porn and the lie of 'sexual preference/lifestyle choice' is responsible for destroying the most wholesome thing in existence - the family.  A heterosexual relationship, based on love and devotion to one person for life.  Reproduction and monogamy and key aspects in heterosexual relations.  Although our natural instincts have been reconditioned so that we accept everything unnatural.  Thanks to TV, Pornography and other such negative influences - monogamy has become considered unnatural by the brain washed.  Such negative influences promote promiscuity and enslavement to lust.

Homosexuality promotes promiscuity.  There is no loving bond or chance of procreation to form a monogamous attachment.  Promiscuity is typically a homosexual act.  And we have been programmed to respond to the same form of mentality. 
Political correctness ignores the fact that most homosexuals come from broken families or have been abused as children - thus stifling their ability to form reasonable and even loving relationships with the opposite sex.  Instead of allowing their mental instability to dominate and destroy their lives - we should be helping them!  The same goes for those who would wish to mutilate their body - because they are convinced they are in the wrong body!  These people need our help, what they don't need is for us to go along with their madness and tell them they are normal.  We are helping them to destroy themselves in doing that! 
If someone went to a doctor and claimed to be a fish trapped in a mans body, would the NHS pay for reconstructive surgery to slap on some fins and gills?!  I seriously doubt it, but it is the exact same kind of insanity as wishing to have ones privates mutilated.  One cannot change their chromosomes.

What we desperately need to do is turn away from TV and other controlled forms of entertainment.  Return to entertaining ourselves through conversation, board/card games and walks in nature etc.  We have to regain our connection with everything that is natural.  The city life is not normal, nor good for ones mentality.  Much has been destroyed, but it can be rebuilt if we help our fellow man and refuse to accept the lies we have been fed.  To stand out and refuse to be a part of the madness is truly difficult.  But better that, than to be a silent part of the ever growing problem.

Thursday, 26 April 2012

Music industry role models?

The ever influential music/video industry is a well known source for selling sex, especially to the young and impressionable, whom it is deliberately aimed at.  New singers magically appear from nowhere, real talent is not even a necessity so long as they have the 'look' the establishment prefer.  In other words so long as they are an anorexic whore, willing to sell their body and make a disgusting display of themselves in general.  Morals are definitely not allowed in the music business. 

In order to be, and remain a part of the music industry, one must be willing to fully degrade themselves.  And to destroy the people they aim their music at - 'children'.  It is no secret that music videos all display a very unhealthy sexual theme - and promote a dangerous attitude towards the body and promiscuity.  Both male and female children are bombarded with this form of debauchery from birth, since it is near impossible to escape.  It is practically everywhere - TV, billboards, magazines, films, cartoons, newspapers and the Internet.  Even if you don't deliberately go looking for such things, they are easy to run in to.  And so our children grow up with a detrimental view to adulthood and the world.

Many singers promote an almost acceptable image to begin with.  Perhaps a religious and moral one.  But as always this is just a front.  It is a stage to give the impression that the singer is a good role model.  Not only does this convince parents that their children are listening to something acceptable, it also assists your child's conversion from being an acceptable, innocent and decent child - to being promiscuous, body obsessed and debauched.  The singer alters from being a fairly satisfactory role model - to being a degenerate whore.  To the child this then becomes an acceptable form of behaviour - and the child mimics what it sees.  The female child will begin to dress and act like a degenerate whore.  And the male child influenced by the same thing will begin to objectify women.  As well as be brainwashed in to masturbation and obsession with sex.  Both sexes are destroyed and persuaded to act in a most depraved manner.  Children are being led to believe that in order to be 'cool' or an adult, they must be having sex and being promiscuous (promiscuity has been taught as 'experimenting'.  It is pushed as a good thing, but it most definitely is not).

Promiscuity is mentally, emotionally and physically damaging to both men and women.  I do not just mean sexually transmitted diseases.  I mean the ignored dangers of promiscuity.  The lying government and sex education workers (paedophiles) simply recommend contraception as a means of avoiding diseases and unwanted pregnancy.  But the far more important issue is ignored - children should not be having sex.  They should be climbing trees or playing with friends - and other such harmless things.  Children should be allowed a childhood.  And as such they need protecting from the evils of the world.  Unfortunately, we have been conditioned to accept the way things are as normal.  They are not normal.

In order to protect your children you have to also protect yourself.  Do not watch TV, or films that are harmful to the mind - which is just about everything these days.  Do not read the opinion forming magazines and newspapers.  And attempt to avoid (wherever possible) pornographic imagery, including music videos and lyrics.  Porn should not even exist.  It is a disgusting display that encourages us to be slaves to our lusts, to objectify and to covet every male or female; to want everyone and never be faithful or satisfied with one person.  Porn destroys the mind and prevents both men and women from being able to partake in a normal and healthy 'monogamous' relationship with just one partner for life.

For women/young girls who sleep around they run the risk of cervical cancer.  For men/young boys prostate cancer.  Something often covered up by the authorities.  But also the mental and emotional issues are important.  Both sexes will fail to establish their self worth due to the lies they have been bombarded with - leading to low self esteem.  Both sexes will be unable to form respectable relationships with the opposite sex - thus leading to many meaningless and hurtful one night stands and flings.  Depression will follow - and with that more than likely prescribed poison, I mean medication;  which will further destroy the mind, emotions and body of the victims.

One of the worst perversions ever pushed in the music industry is paedophilia.  Such things as singers dressing like children; in school uniforms and such promote sexual interest in children.  This perversion is also promoting the idea that all school girls should act like sluts in order to be 'popular'.
Here is an example of a singer damaging the mentality of her fans:  Slutty displays.  
Note the shoes that say 'fuck', yes that is a great message to send out to young girls and boys!  

Rihanna is just one of the many celebrities to glorify promiscuity and sexual interest in school girls (children).  Britany Spears became famous for it.  Are these really the kind of role models we want for our children?
And like many celebrities, Britany is also guilty of the change from religious role model - to slapper.  As well as her sickening change to whoredom, she is also guilty of making a mockery of marriage.  This is not the sort of attitude that should be promoted by anyone.  Nor should the idea of idolising talentless people for simply taking their clothes off, or opening their legs.  We should have no respect for people like that.  In fact we should be disgusted with them for destroying our future generations.  It is never too late to save our children from this evil.

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Yet another FDA approved poison destroying the masses!

For a few years now the age of puberty has been drastically lowering.  Some children are under the age of ten when their body begins to go through adult changes.  And rather than questioning why this is suddenly happening, it is being accepted as normal.  As usual we simple remark that's a bit odd and forget all about it, until it becomes the norm.  What worries me most is that this kind of mentality applies to everything these days.  Something worrying or even sickening happens and we ignore our basic instinct - which is to question why it is happening and prevent it from becoming a growing problem.

During the time young teenagers go through body changes they often suffer mentally and emotionally, this cause them to act out or do silly and destructive things such as sleeping around, drinking, smoking and other things that they have been convinced make them seem more mature.  It is easy to disrupt an already sensitive mind, due to early puberty; as well as dangerous influences on TV, in magazines,  music videos and on the Internet.   And now due to BPA - introduced (thanks to the FDA's approval of all things toxic) through our plastic products - that covers just about everything we use these days - children under the age we have come to accept as a normal age for body change (which in actual fact is also an unnatural age) are beginning to suffer the same fate.  Ten year old girls (often younger) are starting their periods long before their body is physically, mentally and emotionally ready for it.

Toxic BPA: Natural News - this article will tell you more.  Thanks to most kinds of plastic (that we daily use in one way or another) BPA has easily been introduced in to our system.  Toxic BPA destroys the hormonal balance of the developing human body.

At the young age of 7 a child who undergoes puberty will not understand or be able to cope with the body changes.  Even at the supposed normal age of 13 the child is not ready mentally, emotionally or physically for such changes.  Hence why teenagers often fly off the rails,  Puberty is something only someone around the age of 18 can handle - as they will have reached the same mental and emotional maturity as their body is beginning to.  And they will better cope with all the added stresses that come with puberty.  A seven year old CHILD certainly can't handle the stresses and pains of adulthood.

One must wonder why the FDA would approve such a toxic and destruction chemical?!  Well for starters THEY ARE EVIL.  And also they do as they're told.  Any poison the establishment want to push on us, the FDA approve and probably for a tidy sum.  And unfortunately, due to our moronity and laziness we assume that an authority figure is in charge of looking after our welfare and could therefore never be corrupt.  Are we really that stupid?  Or is it simply laziness?!  Both probably.

The most important question though would have to be why?!  Could this be a plot to lower the sex education age?!  They are always pushing to lower the age of sex education.  Now they have an excuse to further abolish the innocence of childhood.  And with that the obvious thing to follow would be the lowering of age the consent.  After all, if they learn about it so young, why shouldn't they be doing it so young?!  Eventually the age of consent will be abolished.  And if you don't believe it can happen you really should look at what is happening in other countries.  Take Germany for example, job seekers who refuse to take a job as a sex worker (prostitute) lose their benefits.  Parents are encouraged to fondle their children's privates - incest and paedophilia.  Don't believe me?  Look it up.  It is referenced in my article:  German job seekers forced in to prostitution.

All over the world these sickening things are happening.  The establishment we have are all dirty rotten perverts.  They all work for the same evil cause, regardless of what country you come from.  And they make an absolute fortune from screwing over the people whose interests they're meant to protect.

Friday, 20 April 2012

'Update' on the dangers of Aspartame:

For those of us who already know some of the dangers of Aspartame, here are some more lessor known dangers that have been found through testing:  Natural News; 
The research shows how dangerous aspartame is and what health risks it has caused since its introduction in to our daily consumption. 

Many people do not bother to investigate the products that have become a part of our everyday life.  We are too ready to take our health for granted by handing ourselves completely to the authorities.  So many products that we daily consume contain dangerous chemicals, some even those of us in know haven't yet learnt about.  We are constantly bombarded with poison.  No wonder we are constantly ill, diseases are becoming more common and we are dying younger.  Even the people who are supposed to 'officially' look after our health and make us better when we are poorly; 'Doctors' are poisoning us with dangerous legal drugs.  From birth we are being poisoned with vaccinations and medications that contain aspartame, formaldehyde, mercury, sorbitol, sucrose/sucralose etc and many other toxic chemicals that are slowly killing us and causing us a great deal of pain.

How many of us suffer almost daily from headaches of migraines?!  Most of the time these headaches are caused by aspartame, fluoride, microwaving our foods and other things such as wireless Internet connections that chuck out harmful signals, as well as mobile phones that cause cancer and brain damage using the same harmful signals. 
We should not take for granted that an authority figure is there to help and look after our best interests.  We have to look out for ourselves.  And despite the fact that we have been conditioned to be lazy, we need to start checking everything we consume, questioning everything and thinking for ourselves - we rely on the state far too much.  It is time we took back our independence.

Sunday, 8 April 2012

Easter (Ishtar) info:

Read this article on why easter is evil:

It explains alot about easter and why it makes very little sense regarding the date.  It also shows that it is another one the rituals we have been blinding pushed in to worshipping - providing adequate energy for devil worship.  Many rituals exist that we partake in without realising - such as Glastonbury involves Sunworship - the most cheering commences as the Sun is rising - which although it is not a conscious form of worship the energy is still provided.  The entire thing is set deliberately to include us in the worship of the devil - thus dooming our souls, despite us being ignorant of it.  Easter is no exception.  Whether we are aware of our corruption or not, we are still apart of it and we willing give ourselves to such demonic rituals.  Question everything!