Sunday, 18 December 2011

Radical feminists: man hating Lesbians.

The ideology of feminism first came to light in the early 19th and 20th century (first wave feminism), under the guise of fighting for equality and a woman's right to be involved in the running of the country.  The suffrage movements encouraged women to believe they were being oppressed.  The movement proposed that women fight for suffrage (the right to vote) and to be treated as equals to men.
Women from middle class backgrounds were easily persuaded by the notion.  And no doubt the media lies did little to advise them otherwise.

Feminism was created as a way to separate a woman from her nature.  And to destroy the family way of life, by convincing women that they were being oppressed in fulfilling their natural instincts in life - to procreate, raise their family and look after the household, in other words be a housewife and mother.  How can such an important role be seen as a chore, or state of oppression?!

The real reason feminism was so desperately pushed was to allow for the free sex (women) to be enslaved just as men had for centuries.  Although the ideology ignores the fact that lower class females and children had been forced to work in criminally dangerous work conditions in order to survive.  Feminism was never about equality.  It was about separating a wife from her husband, a mother from her child, destroying the family life and connection between mother and child - in order to create even more slaves of the female middle class variety.

Second wave feminist activity began in the early 1960s, and suggested that patriarchal family life oppressed women.  It promoted the idea that looking after children was a chore.  And women were wasting their potential, potential meaning ability to be a slave to the establishment perhaps?!  Domesticity soon became something to be ashamed of.  Women were told to believe that there was something negative about fulfilling the role of a housewife or mother.

In 1949 Simone de Beauvoir concluded that women were perceived as the "The Second Sex", in her work, merely because of their ability to menstruate, procreate and lactate.
Which again promotes a woman's natural instincts and role in life as something negative.

Betty Friedan, in her book "The Feminine Mystique", she stated that the family image of that time was degrading to women and did not reflect happiness.  Exactly what part of a mother raising and nurturing her child as nature intended, is degrading to women?!  It is the most important role in existence.  A mother is responsible for moulding and shaping her children in to who they will be as adults, and her children are a credit to her.  This sickening book was responsible for the kick start of the second wave of feminism, which allowed for middle class women to become slaves to the establishment just as lower class women already had in despicable conditions.

Second wave feminism still seems like a noble movement in today's mindset, as it supposedly fought for equality in pay and such.  However, as it stands the supposed inequality in pay was justifiable in some ways.  Men were paid more because they were the sole providers for their family.  And were capable of much more strenuous work.  Whereas single women were only providing for themselves or parents, and were capable of less in terms of strength.  This ideology would later allow single women to provide for out-of-wedlock children.  And for those children to be left with state indoctrinated 'carers'.  Thus diminishing the family life and parent-child bond.

In modern society, feminism has taken an even more destructive and radical turn - being mainly an ideology for man hating lesbians.  And many of these man haters are in powerful, or at least important positions and so have a great influence in political or influential terms.

Radical feminism goes so far as to call for the violent slaughter of men and male children.  Its political influence has oppressed men for years using the lie of sexism to further destroy a mans rights.  If the fight were truly ever for equality, men would also be allowed to experience some.  However, as it stands men are being punished, as it seems, for their supposed crimes of treating women as housewives and mothers.  Or in other, more truthful words, looking after them and keeping them from a life of slavery.

Radfem hub (Radical feminist), is a website recently exposed for emphasising articles from man hating feminists, of a severely destructive and violent nature.
Here is the entire article exposing how feminists REALLY think:

The article shows screen shots of feminists and their opinions of how to deal with men.  Some of which I will post below.

 Laila Namdarkhan (screen name “ybawife”), a well known feminist activist who was instrumental in passing legislation in the U.K. Regarding the mental health of women in prisons;
Above calling for the abortion of male babies.  And justifying it by stating female babies have been aborted.  Not only sickening, but also a retarded mentality.  Feminists are mentally ill from being indoctrinated and raped mentally by the establishment and media lies.  The comment exposes a truly unhealthy and sexist attitude towards males of any age.

Danielle Pynnonen (screen name “Allecto”), a child care worker whose employer is unknown;
 This child care worker is obviously incapable of looking after children.  She has an unhealthy attitude towards the males she 'supposedly' cares for and holds them in contempt for merely having the XY chromosome.  She refers to the male she cares for as a future rapist, and clearly this is how she sees all males.  She is a serious threat to children, and males especially for this reason.  
 Kat Pinder (screen name “Amazon Mancrusher”), a community development coordinator for the City of Perth in Australia and former U.K. Game show Big Brother contestant;
 This feminist suggests that men should be raped and battered (as if men are never victims of these things anyway, women also batter their husbands it is very common, just less reported because of the embarrassment factor), and also she describes general housework as a degrading task that men should have to endure to suffer as women have - although it is not degrading at all it is merely a part of life.  She then refers to low paid jobs - although this hasn't been an issue for some time for women.  And many men do have to work in low paid and degrading jobs.  She also mentions men should be purchased from brothels.  She is suggesting that women are forced in to that line of work, however this is far from true.  Most women who do this, choose to because it is easy money.  Or they wish to pay for their drugs.  And in most cases where a woman or young girl is forced in to prostitution, in England alone, it is due to Asian drug dealers - who get them hooked on heroin and then coerce them in to paying for the drugs through sexual activity with the dealer and his friends.  Eventually the dealer pimps her out to other Asians who may not be in his tight circle of friends.  This is a well known fact in the drugs intervention services.  Although it is not highly publicised because it may promote racial hatred.

 Mary Syrett (screen name “Mary Sunshine”), a writer and member of the City of Kingston Arts Council in Ontario, Canada;
This woman suggests that women should not nurture their male babies.  She states that females are forced to give birth to baby boys, but after that a woman can choose not to care for him and ensure his development.  She constantly refers to it being a woman's choice what to do with a male baby after birth - she seems to hint at a tremendously savage solution to the male population problem.  And she obviously is very against a male future - she would perhaps prefer men to never be needed and for all procreation to be artificial.  And this is seen as a sane mentality?!

 Lorraine Allen (screen name “White Tiger”), a special education teacher at The Center for Discovery Hurleyville, New York;
 A special education teacher - I believe this means she works with mentally handicapped children?  And at the boys statement, which he probably does not even fully understand the meaning of, she suggests that she would like to throw him out of an unopened window.  And she is allowed to work closely with children?!  Sickening isn't it?!

 Man hating feminist lesbians have an unhealthy attitude towards all men.  Many feminists with these disgusting, utterly destructive and dangerous opinions hold strong influential positions and are working towards changing the political aspects and laws.  They basically wish to imprison men with the same kind of oppression they're supposedly against.  They have been raised to hate men.  But because they're feminists they are allowed to have their evil man hating opinions.  Such is the way of political correctness, in a maddened and corrupt society.

The establishment have gained greatly from this self destructive attitude, the family has been destroyed.  Children are raised by a paedophile state that daily destroys their mind with lies, women have been enslaved.  Feminism has corrupted women to the point of sexual perversion and violent hatred of men.  Control of the masses has been gained.  In first destroying women, they had half the population.  Then they killed off the strong men in the wars, leaving behind the weak to breed a generation of weaklings and intellectually inferior shadows of the former greatness.  Now we are left with the heavily indoctrinated rubble, that mindlessly follow, and feel an indescribable need to be led.  Very few see past the establishment and media lies and propaganda.  The education systems ensure that the younger generations do not question this cancerous way of life.  Thus allowing control to remain in the hands of the hand picked Zionist/Talmudist establishment.


  1. I don't like subcultures that promote hate among humankind.

  2. I have changed my view in motherhood.I honestly cannot believe how blinded I had become.When I was younger I always new I was going to have a child and a husband.But ,suddenly at the age of 15 I hated kids, marriage and having to take care of your husband. It annoyed me so much. I didt want that lifestyle , I wanted to work and be single for the rest of my life.