Saturday, 24 December 2011

The birth of Christ-Mas - Jewish materialism.

Christmas, a time of the year when we can all spend our money on materialistic, not to mention badly crafted rubbish, get drunk, eat like pigs and lie to our children about a big fat man in a red suit who comes down your chimney (even if you do not have one) and brings presents to good little boys and girls who have been nice and politically correct, used to be a celebration of something a bit more important than the ability of slaves in China to produce plastic crap for rich exploiters to get even richer off, although I can't remember exactly, but I think it may have been to do with the birth of God in human form...

And of course as usual, the Jewish run film industry enforces the true meaning of Christmas - to buy expensive objects that in reality are worth little more than pennies, in order to show your love to family and friends.  The religious aspect proves to be a bit of in an inconvenience for the Jews really seeing as Christianity promotes everything wholesome and decent that they have worked so hard to destroy.

Originally, the big fat man known as father Christmas or Santa Claus - was a part of the Coca Cola advertising.  The original Father Christmas known to English speaking countries, was depicted from St Nickolas - and was the spirit of Christmas cheer suited in green.  The original father Christmas was in no way associated with present giving or the modern day materialistic and perverted Christmas cheer.  In 1931, Coca Cola began advertising their Father Christmas as being associated with present giving, fridge raiding and playing with children awaiting his arrival.  The idea was to introduce a commercialised version of Christmas, preferred by Jews to be referred to as Xmas - to disassociate the connection with Christ.  It is the 80th anniversary of this fat kiddie fiddling, materialist Jew it must be time for this old nonce to be put in a home, or in the true spirit of materialism we could always save a few quid and have him euthanized?!

Christmas is not the only time that Christianity is mocked by Christ murdering Jews, typically any time of year Christianity, or simply God himself is subject to blatant Jewish hatred and blasphemy.  The Zionist/Talmudist/Jewish run film industry constantly refers to Christianity or any belief of God in a less than complimentary light.

*In popular American TV shows such as the Simpson's - Homer refers to God as his favourite fictional charactor.  Despite being an alleged Christian.

*In Mr Beans ultimate disaster movie - the American Jew playing alongside Mr Bean upon seeing a Mr Bean mishap, states 'Jesus of Nazerath'.

*Jewish comedian Sarah Silverman states she would kill Christ again.  As well as saying Jesus was Gay.

These are just three examples of the Jewish defaming of Christianity.  Why do they so desperately need to destroy Christianity?!  Because Christianity teaches people that what they do in this life influences the outcome of their afterlife.  If they are bad they will go to hell.  If they are good they will go to heaven.  It gives people a reason to behave themselves.  Whereas the Jewish created ideology Atheism promotes the lie that there is no afterlife and therefore we do not need to behave in a decent and morally acceptable manner, because we will not be punished for any sin we commit or harm we cause.  It also turns generally good souls away from God - and to the Jewish created sins in the form of alleged entertainment. 

Christmas no longer mentions the birth of Christ - God in human form, instead of being a religious celebration, it is a used as a means to scam people out of large amounts of money - and to further push the materialistic modern way of life.  We have become obsessed with this materialism.  Christmas also pushes the backwards idea of allowing ones children to sit on the lap of a paedophile (seeing as they're the only ones who go for such demeaning jobs) and demand materialistic rubbish.  We tell our children to never talk to strangers, get in strangers cars or accept sweets, but come Christmas we sit them on the lap of a child molester in the spirit of modern materialist Christmas?!

Evolution is used as a means to disparage belief in a divine being.  Although still remaining a mere theory, just as religion, Evolutionists claim it to be a fact (an unprovable one).  Evolution is the theory of a large number of coincidences, based on the theory of the coincidence of the big bang.  But no matter what, no species has ever been bred to produce an entirely new species.  Since no species is capable of changing its DNA structure.  And the big bang theory of the sudden gas collision, fails to answer one very important question, where did the gases come from?!  Even the modern decadence known as sex change helps to disprove the evolution theory, you can give a man extensive cosmetic surgery and artificial hormones, even a female name - but he will still remain a man, because you cannot change his chromosomes.

Evolution also forgets to mention the intelligent design to life.  A simple look at Bacterium Flagellum Motor seen in the video above.  Which is more than likely where the modern machine design ideas came from in the first place.  The Jews have had this knowledge for centuries, they just don't share it.  They destroy our minds with lies, but keep themselves well educated in the facts of life.  Everything has a purpose and an intelligent design - such does not come from a coincidence.

In order to destroy the morality of world, first the religious belief had to be diminished.  Christianity has been subjected to scrutiny for many years now.  This has helped the religion to shrink significantly.  Especially in England, a once very religious and morally aware country.  This lack of faith quickly helped such forms of debauchery as pornography, homosexuality (and other mental illnesses such as transsexualism), perversion, materialism, gluttony, lust, greed etc be accepted by the once moral masses.  And is not only a means of control, but as well as damning the souls of the masses, it is a way to aggravate and challenge God.

Atheism and lack of faith in general allowed for such perversions and mental illnesses as homosexuality and transsexualism to be legalised and labelled as 'lifestyle choices' or 'sexual preference'.  Which of course further condemns Christianity for its preachings against sexual perversions.  And works towards destroying the family way of life through promoting the homosexual promiscuity.

Christianity has been dispraised beyond belief with no aftermath, it is just seen as humour.  Whereas if one was to criticise Judaism, or simply read a verse from the Talmud outloud in a public place, one would be arrested and charged with inciting religious and racial hatred.  This being because the Jews run the world.  But what very few ever wonder is why the Talmudic verses would cause such a stir?!  Could it be because they promote hatred, murder and rape of non Jews?!  As well as showing racial supremacy?!  But it matters not what their text states, only how the public may react to it being read aloud.

And not only do the Jews destroy and diminish our beliefs in their propaganda, but they also impose us with their own beliefs and depraved culture.  In their films we are shown pretty much only Jewish weddings, never Christian ones.  And in America circumcision is pretty much required these days.  Circumcision is propagandized as being healthy and clean, whereas uncircumcised men are portrayed as unclean and undesireable.
If God did not want men to have foreskins, why did he create them?!  God created man in his image, I doubt he would have made such a mistake.  The Jews are trying to correct God's mistakes - which is basically Satanism.  The Zionist Jews wish to push us all to sin for this reason.  They worship Satan and help him to destroy and damn the souls of the masses.

The Jews want you to worship Mammon, rather than God.  That is why Christmas has been destroyed and turned in to a shopping frenzy.  We have been pushed in to acting out sins such as greed, gluttany, lust, materialism, vanity etc through celebrations such as Christmas, easter and non religious ones such as mothers day etc, we are worshipping Mammon through committing the Jewish promoted sins against the wish of God.  They are sins because they destroy society and our soul.  They ruin us through causing obsession and breaking our connection to nature and the spiritual.  And these sins are typically Jewish ideas and behaviours anyway.  Do not fall for the commercialised Christmas.

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