Thursday, 15 December 2011

Free speech for the silent:

Once again a classic example of censorship of free speech has hit the headlines in the form of a student Natasha Burge, 19 of Windsor high school.  This student was suspended from her school for daring to exercise her right to freedom of speech.  Her supposedly intolerant opinion, written on facebook, was reported by another student to the school authorities.  How her personal opinions and comments on facebook affect the school authorities I really would like to know?!

The student simply suggested that Christmas was being abandoned and so was the national anthem - to appease our foreign guests.  Which is very true in many cases.

Natasha Burge's comment, Nov. 3 suggesting those who feel offended by Christmas celebrations and the singing of the national anthem at school should “please feel free to go back to your own (expletive) country,”

Burge goes on to suggest walking through Kennedy Collegiate dressed up as Santa and “screaming merry Christmas to the arabs, pakis, towel heads and whatever other race that doesn't like it.”
I would have thought a more pressing issue to be what on earth a fictional character, that used to represent coca cola, has to do with a religious celebration such as Christmas?!

The article, as well as the school board portray her opinion as racist and intolerant.  The idea is to squash any form of free speech, obviously this only counts if you are white skinned.  If you are foreign you can do or say as you please according to the infinite wisdom of the government and injustice system.
Burge stated (quite rightly so), if you don't like my comment don't read it, remove me from your friend list, don't report me.  She was wrongfully suspended for simply having an opinion.  
Public school board spokesman Scott Scantlebury attempts to justify the censorship of free speech, as well as using facebook as a way to attack students for daring to think freely.  Obviously the spokesman is a product of the heavy indoctrination system he so willingly enforces upon others.

Rachel Olivero, diversity officer with the Greater Essex County District School Board, states;
"When it comes to free speech, people are entitled to their opinions — until it reaches a point of intolerance."
Have you ever heard anything more retarded in your life?!  In response to such stupidity I say, "I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it." Voltaire.

The official media and education system are simply used to enforce the multi culti nonsense, that involves one race (whites) licking the back end of every other race.  And losing their freedom in the name of supposed tolerance.

And the only race daft enough to fall for such is the white race.  Amazing really.  We dig our own graves by allowing such lunacy.  Whatever happened to looking after your own people?!  We are too busy chastising our fellow man because we have been conditioned to police each other against freedom of speech.  This self destructive behaviour has already caused a great deal of problems.  And it will only get worse.

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