Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Yet another FDA approved poison destroying the masses!

For a few years now the age of puberty has been drastically lowering.  Some children are under the age of ten when their body begins to go through adult changes.  And rather than questioning why this is suddenly happening, it is being accepted as normal.  As usual we simple remark that's a bit odd and forget all about it, until it becomes the norm.  What worries me most is that this kind of mentality applies to everything these days.  Something worrying or even sickening happens and we ignore our basic instinct - which is to question why it is happening and prevent it from becoming a growing problem.

During the time young teenagers go through body changes they often suffer mentally and emotionally, this cause them to act out or do silly and destructive things such as sleeping around, drinking, smoking and other things that they have been convinced make them seem more mature.  It is easy to disrupt an already sensitive mind, due to early puberty; as well as dangerous influences on TV, in magazines,  music videos and on the Internet.   And now due to BPA - introduced (thanks to the FDA's approval of all things toxic) through our plastic products - that covers just about everything we use these days - children under the age we have come to accept as a normal age for body change (which in actual fact is also an unnatural age) are beginning to suffer the same fate.  Ten year old girls (often younger) are starting their periods long before their body is physically, mentally and emotionally ready for it.

Toxic BPA: Natural News - this article will tell you more.  Thanks to most kinds of plastic (that we daily use in one way or another) BPA has easily been introduced in to our system.  Toxic BPA destroys the hormonal balance of the developing human body.

At the young age of 7 a child who undergoes puberty will not understand or be able to cope with the body changes.  Even at the supposed normal age of 13 the child is not ready mentally, emotionally or physically for such changes.  Hence why teenagers often fly off the rails,  Puberty is something only someone around the age of 18 can handle - as they will have reached the same mental and emotional maturity as their body is beginning to.  And they will better cope with all the added stresses that come with puberty.  A seven year old CHILD certainly can't handle the stresses and pains of adulthood.

One must wonder why the FDA would approve such a toxic and destruction chemical?!  Well for starters THEY ARE EVIL.  And also they do as they're told.  Any poison the establishment want to push on us, the FDA approve and probably for a tidy sum.  And unfortunately, due to our moronity and laziness we assume that an authority figure is in charge of looking after our welfare and could therefore never be corrupt.  Are we really that stupid?  Or is it simply laziness?!  Both probably.

The most important question though would have to be why?!  Could this be a plot to lower the sex education age?!  They are always pushing to lower the age of sex education.  Now they have an excuse to further abolish the innocence of childhood.  And with that the obvious thing to follow would be the lowering of age the consent.  After all, if they learn about it so young, why shouldn't they be doing it so young?!  Eventually the age of consent will be abolished.  And if you don't believe it can happen you really should look at what is happening in other countries.  Take Germany for example, job seekers who refuse to take a job as a sex worker (prostitute) lose their benefits.  Parents are encouraged to fondle their children's privates - incest and paedophilia.  Don't believe me?  Look it up.  It is referenced in my article:  German job seekers forced in to prostitution.

All over the world these sickening things are happening.  The establishment we have are all dirty rotten perverts.  They all work for the same evil cause, regardless of what country you come from.  And they make an absolute fortune from screwing over the people whose interests they're meant to protect.

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