Thursday, 26 April 2012

Music industry role models?

The ever influential music/video industry is a well known source for selling sex, especially to the young and impressionable, whom it is deliberately aimed at.  New singers magically appear from nowhere, real talent is not even a necessity so long as they have the 'look' the establishment prefer.  In other words so long as they are an anorexic whore, willing to sell their body and make a disgusting display of themselves in general.  Morals are definitely not allowed in the music business. 

In order to be, and remain a part of the music industry, one must be willing to fully degrade themselves.  And to destroy the people they aim their music at - 'children'.  It is no secret that music videos all display a very unhealthy sexual theme - and promote a dangerous attitude towards the body and promiscuity.  Both male and female children are bombarded with this form of debauchery from birth, since it is near impossible to escape.  It is practically everywhere - TV, billboards, magazines, films, cartoons, newspapers and the Internet.  Even if you don't deliberately go looking for such things, they are easy to run in to.  And so our children grow up with a detrimental view to adulthood and the world.

Many singers promote an almost acceptable image to begin with.  Perhaps a religious and moral one.  But as always this is just a front.  It is a stage to give the impression that the singer is a good role model.  Not only does this convince parents that their children are listening to something acceptable, it also assists your child's conversion from being an acceptable, innocent and decent child - to being promiscuous, body obsessed and debauched.  The singer alters from being a fairly satisfactory role model - to being a degenerate whore.  To the child this then becomes an acceptable form of behaviour - and the child mimics what it sees.  The female child will begin to dress and act like a degenerate whore.  And the male child influenced by the same thing will begin to objectify women.  As well as be brainwashed in to masturbation and obsession with sex.  Both sexes are destroyed and persuaded to act in a most depraved manner.  Children are being led to believe that in order to be 'cool' or an adult, they must be having sex and being promiscuous (promiscuity has been taught as 'experimenting'.  It is pushed as a good thing, but it most definitely is not).

Promiscuity is mentally, emotionally and physically damaging to both men and women.  I do not just mean sexually transmitted diseases.  I mean the ignored dangers of promiscuity.  The lying government and sex education workers (paedophiles) simply recommend contraception as a means of avoiding diseases and unwanted pregnancy.  But the far more important issue is ignored - children should not be having sex.  They should be climbing trees or playing with friends - and other such harmless things.  Children should be allowed a childhood.  And as such they need protecting from the evils of the world.  Unfortunately, we have been conditioned to accept the way things are as normal.  They are not normal.

In order to protect your children you have to also protect yourself.  Do not watch TV, or films that are harmful to the mind - which is just about everything these days.  Do not read the opinion forming magazines and newspapers.  And attempt to avoid (wherever possible) pornographic imagery, including music videos and lyrics.  Porn should not even exist.  It is a disgusting display that encourages us to be slaves to our lusts, to objectify and to covet every male or female; to want everyone and never be faithful or satisfied with one person.  Porn destroys the mind and prevents both men and women from being able to partake in a normal and healthy 'monogamous' relationship with just one partner for life.

For women/young girls who sleep around they run the risk of cervical cancer.  For men/young boys prostate cancer.  Something often covered up by the authorities.  But also the mental and emotional issues are important.  Both sexes will fail to establish their self worth due to the lies they have been bombarded with - leading to low self esteem.  Both sexes will be unable to form respectable relationships with the opposite sex - thus leading to many meaningless and hurtful one night stands and flings.  Depression will follow - and with that more than likely prescribed poison, I mean medication;  which will further destroy the mind, emotions and body of the victims.

One of the worst perversions ever pushed in the music industry is paedophilia.  Such things as singers dressing like children; in school uniforms and such promote sexual interest in children.  This perversion is also promoting the idea that all school girls should act like sluts in order to be 'popular'.
Here is an example of a singer damaging the mentality of her fans:  Slutty displays.  
Note the shoes that say 'fuck', yes that is a great message to send out to young girls and boys!  

Rihanna is just one of the many celebrities to glorify promiscuity and sexual interest in school girls (children).  Britany Spears became famous for it.  Are these really the kind of role models we want for our children?
And like many celebrities, Britany is also guilty of the change from religious role model - to slapper.  As well as her sickening change to whoredom, she is also guilty of making a mockery of marriage.  This is not the sort of attitude that should be promoted by anyone.  Nor should the idea of idolising talentless people for simply taking their clothes off, or opening their legs.  We should have no respect for people like that.  In fact we should be disgusted with them for destroying our future generations.  It is never too late to save our children from this evil.

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