Friday, 20 April 2012

'Update' on the dangers of Aspartame:

For those of us who already know some of the dangers of Aspartame, here are some more lessor known dangers that have been found through testing:  Natural News; 
The research shows how dangerous aspartame is and what health risks it has caused since its introduction in to our daily consumption. 

Many people do not bother to investigate the products that have become a part of our everyday life.  We are too ready to take our health for granted by handing ourselves completely to the authorities.  So many products that we daily consume contain dangerous chemicals, some even those of us in know haven't yet learnt about.  We are constantly bombarded with poison.  No wonder we are constantly ill, diseases are becoming more common and we are dying younger.  Even the people who are supposed to 'officially' look after our health and make us better when we are poorly; 'Doctors' are poisoning us with dangerous legal drugs.  From birth we are being poisoned with vaccinations and medications that contain aspartame, formaldehyde, mercury, sorbitol, sucrose/sucralose etc and many other toxic chemicals that are slowly killing us and causing us a great deal of pain.

How many of us suffer almost daily from headaches of migraines?!  Most of the time these headaches are caused by aspartame, fluoride, microwaving our foods and other things such as wireless Internet connections that chuck out harmful signals, as well as mobile phones that cause cancer and brain damage using the same harmful signals. 
We should not take for granted that an authority figure is there to help and look after our best interests.  We have to look out for ourselves.  And despite the fact that we have been conditioned to be lazy, we need to start checking everything we consume, questioning everything and thinking for ourselves - we rely on the state far too much.  It is time we took back our independence.

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