Tuesday, 10 January 2012

German jobseekers forced in to prostitution:

Two years ago in Germany prostitution was legalised.  Along with many other sickening things such as paedophilia which is now classed simply as a sexual orientation/preference, or lifestyle choice.  The same thing happened in England with regards to homosexuality which was legalised.  Now it is illegal to discriminate (as they like to call it) against sexual deviants.  This is the case with Paedophilia being legalised in Germany and the EU - it is considered wrong to object to child abuse due to the establishment pushing to protect their own kind from being justly punished for their evil crimes.

In fact, Germany now promotes paedophilia and incest:  Jewish Government paedophiles:
Paedophiles handbook:

Sickening types of paedophilia and destruction of innocence are fully enforced in many parts of Germany - taught by debauched nurseries and schools.  It is illegal to homeschool in Germany for this reason.  Germans are not allowed to have any say in when their children learn about sex.  This is the price of Germany losing the war against Jewish paedophilia and other types of evil.  Although their leader was corrupt and lost deliberately, he led the people to believe he would free them of the Jewish tyranny.  Now they are completely controlled and forced to indulge in ultimate debauchery.

England will soon be joining in on this evil as our beloved establishment are pushing to change paedophilia from being seen as a mental illness - to being seen as a sexual preference.  In other words they're legalising it here too.  How long before we are told to indulge in incestuous child abuse with our family?!  SICK.

But to return to the original topic, Germanys initial reason for legalising prostitution was so that it could become an official job - and job seekers could be forced to either accept this degrading job, or risk losing their benefits.  Never mind the right to good health and purity.  You have to sell your body if the state says so.  I wonder how long before the rest of Europe follows?!
Here is original article: State prostitution.

The Germany government has decided that prostitution is no longer immoral and therefore it can be classed as a real job.  Job centres are forced to advertise jobs in brothels.  And women forced to accept a job offer from these brothels.  Never mind ones own morals.  Or whether we have a partner that we would never wish to betray, the government says you have to sell your body, so you have to sell your body!

And not so surprisingly many people will think 'it will never happen to me' and therefore it doesn't matter.  Yes it does matter, fellow human beings are being treated like slaves by the government.  Do you really think you are being, or will be treated any differently?! 

It is time we realised that the government do not represent the people.  They are nothing more than self serving puppets for a much bigger problem.  Mankind is being turned to all manner of depravity deliberately.  To the establishment we are nothing but slaves.  The men are the heavy lifters, the women and children exist to provide perverted pleasure to the corrupt establishment.  We have been enslaved through our selfish and primitive desires and now we are suffering for it.
It is time to say no.  Before it is too late for us too.

Monday, 9 January 2012

Freedom, what freedom?!

For many years now our freedom has been decreasing to supposedly protect us.  Although as it stands the laws restricting freedom exist to invade our privacy.  And political correctness is designed to protect anything that is even remotely evil.  But recently our establishment have really pushed the boat out in invading our privacy.  The home (excluding our phone conversations, text messages and Internet activity - not forgetting certain modern TVs that monitor us even while they are not switched on), used to be a place we could have at least some privacy - however due to the infinite wisdom of schools in Missouri homes will no longer be even slightly private.

Elementary (primary) schools in Missouri are monitoring students activity with 'wristwatch-like devices called Polar active monitors'.  This surveillance will monitor the children at school and at home.  This is said to be a way to learn of the sleep and activity patterns of the children.  One question, what business is it of theirs?!

You may not see the harm in this at first, but this is just the beginning.  Surveillance is becoming worse.  It is bad enough we cannot scratch our bum in the street without the entire CIA and MI5 witnessing it, but now our home privacy is also being invaded by this self serving scum. 

What next, live in cameras to monitor everything we do, when we get up, eat, relieve ourselves on the toilet, make love, read, watch TV, get dressed or undressed, spend time with our children and go to bed?!  You can believe it is on its way!!!  Say no to this invasion of privacy.  You have the right to refuse such an intrusion.

Here is the original article: Big Brother.