Monday, 9 January 2012

Freedom, what freedom?!

For many years now our freedom has been decreasing to supposedly protect us.  Although as it stands the laws restricting freedom exist to invade our privacy.  And political correctness is designed to protect anything that is even remotely evil.  But recently our establishment have really pushed the boat out in invading our privacy.  The home (excluding our phone conversations, text messages and Internet activity - not forgetting certain modern TVs that monitor us even while they are not switched on), used to be a place we could have at least some privacy - however due to the infinite wisdom of schools in Missouri homes will no longer be even slightly private.

Elementary (primary) schools in Missouri are monitoring students activity with 'wristwatch-like devices called Polar active monitors'.  This surveillance will monitor the children at school and at home.  This is said to be a way to learn of the sleep and activity patterns of the children.  One question, what business is it of theirs?!

You may not see the harm in this at first, but this is just the beginning.  Surveillance is becoming worse.  It is bad enough we cannot scratch our bum in the street without the entire CIA and MI5 witnessing it, but now our home privacy is also being invaded by this self serving scum. 

What next, live in cameras to monitor everything we do, when we get up, eat, relieve ourselves on the toilet, make love, read, watch TV, get dressed or undressed, spend time with our children and go to bed?!  You can believe it is on its way!!!  Say no to this invasion of privacy.  You have the right to refuse such an intrusion.

Here is the original article: Big Brother.

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