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Michael Jackson - victim of a corrupt media, murdered by blood thirsty Zionists.

Michael Joseph Jackson (born August 29, 1958)  began an innocent career as part of the Jackson five in 1964.  As his singing career progressed and he went solo, his music took a sickening turn as he became corrupted and controlled by the demonic Zionist establishment that control the music industry even today.

A simple view of some of his early solo work shows that his music gave a message to his fans.  It is obvious that Michael was unaware of this subliminal message.  However, in time he did become aware of it.
The king of pops 1982 song beat it is clearly one of his more controlled songs.  Although a seemingly innocent song it is very suggestive.  And on a sub-conscious level can manipulate a young audience.  An example of this corruption is:  Lyrics - "Don't wanna be a boy, you wanna be a man
You wanna stay alive, better do what you can
So beat it, just beat it"  - Suggesting that manhood comes from masturbation.  In the video Michael is seen making a hand gesture we are all familiar with - it is a subliminal message to men.

Beat it was perhaps one of Michael Jackson's more obviously orchestrated songs.  Although 'Thriller', exposes a link to the occult (Zionism).  Michael's transformation in to a werewolf in the music video signifies being placed under a curse - or in actual fact being controlled by an evil force (Zionism)
 - which dictates how he behaves and what he sings.  In his early solo work, Michael was heavily manipulated.

"They're out to get you, there's demons closing in on every side
They will possess you unless you change that number on your dial
Now is the time for you and I to cuddle close together, yeah
All through the night I'll save you from the terror on the screen
I'll make you see

That this is thriller, thriller night
'Cause I can thrill you more than any ghost would ever dare try
Thriller, thriller night"

These lyrics express demonic worship.  "They will possess you" they already do.  We are enslaved by our true rulers.  The establishment control our thoughts and our actions.  We are daily monitored by unnecessary CCTV - designed only to keep us in line.
There are also references to sex in the lyrics.  Highlighted in blue.  'I'll save you from the terror on the screen', the terror on the screen - meaning the corruption we are daily exposed to through supposed entertainment.  Even through the music video industry.  TV allowed the establishment to manipulate masses of people all at the same time and same pace.  What most perceive as harmless entertainment is actually responsible for the ever growing problems of the world.  Promiscuity is a product of TV entertainment.

TV also allows the media to lie to the world about events.  Such horrific stories as 9/11 can easily be covered up and used to justify war - because the media wouldn't lie, or would they?  Most people believe everything the TV tells them.  The idea of such a massively controlled media and corrupt establishment seems too far fetched for many people to comprehend.  But Michael Jackson himself woke up to the lies.  And his career was destroyed because of it.  Leading up to his death Michael planned to tell the world the truth - and that is why he was murdered by the very people he was to expose.  Whatever he knew made him very dangerous to people who run the world.  And we can only wonder what he knew.  If it was enough to put fear in to the establishment then it was clearly of great importance. 

In his later songs Michael seems to be sending a message out.  One can only assume what that message is by listening to his words, feeling what he felt and watching his videos.  Michael was guilty of only one crime and that was trying to educate and save the world.  And the penalty for going against the treacherous establishment is death.  

 When Michael began to realise that he was being used to destroy the minds of innocent and naive people, his music style changed.  He wanted to change the world.  Michael's music had and still has a very strong influence over everyone who listens to it.  And so he that influence had to be erradicated.

In 1993 Michael Jackson was falsely accused of sexually abusing Jordan Chandler.  This was a deliberate attempt to blacken Michael's name.  The media were paid to write stories that would turn the public against Michael - in no case were the stories written in search of justice.  The corrupted media effectively manipulated the once loyal fans of Michael Jackson in to deeming him guilty long before the question of evidence was even raised.  What better way to ruin a man who poses a threat to the very foundations of the new world order, than to accuse him of child abuse.  Child abuse is one of the most universally despised crimes.  And even the most loyal of fans would be torn between their loyalty to Michael and the lies of the media.

Jordan Chandler when questioned about the allegations, claimed that Michael Jackson was circumcised.  An extremely intrusive and possibly mentally damaging 25 minute strip search of Michael Jackson on the 20th December 1993 - proved otherwise.  Michael remained uncircumcised - which was confirmed at his autopsy.  Only on truth was found, Michael did have a blotchy skin condition. Perhaps the completely and utterly wrong description of Michaels genitals stemed from the fact that circumcision is extremely common in American males.  How Jordan Chandler knew about Michaels skin condition:  "According to private investigator Anthony Pellicano who questioned Jordan in July 1993 after hearing Evan's taped phone call, Jordan denied that he ever saw Jackson's body but said he did lift his shirt once to show him the blotches on his skin."  One would expect the lack of evidence and clear lies to be enough to refute all allegations.  But Michael was conned out of money because he knew that the greedy scumbags who set about to destroy him already had the media and his fans on side.  He was set to lose everything despite being completely innocent.

Michael Jackson's kind nature and love of children (the natural kind of love a father would feel for his own children) was scrutinised.  It was always noticeable that Michael Jackson was a very gentle and loving person.  His kindness was used as a way to destroy his career.  Michael used his fortunate situation to make others happy - by allowing children to come his home and play.  There was never a pre-meditated reason behind his kindness.  He wasn't a paedophile.  But his kindness allowed his enemies to manipulate the audience in to suspecting him of evil.

During the time of 1993 allegations, Jackson went through hell.  He stopped eating, relied on painkillers, Valium, Xanax and Ativan to deal with the stress.  Michael suffered tremendously throughout this ordeal.  The media were not interested in truth, nor were his supposed fans.  Michael suffered because he tried to warn his public of the truth.

In 2005 after possibly years of trying to educate the world as to the Zionist agenda, Michael again became a victim of a cruel media and false allegations.  The jury ruled him not guilty on all counts.  However his reputation remained in tatters thanks again to the media's web of lies.  The media played on their readers/viewers sympathy with their manipulative words.  Michael's career never fully recovered from his allegations.  The establishment managed to further reduce Michael Jackson's credibility.

Leading up to his death, Michael Jackson had spoken out about the illuminati.  He planned to tell the world of what was going on.  He had to be stopped.
In this video Michael gives away secrets:

Michael explains how music can compel certain actions.  In effect he gives away a secret.  He tells the viewers that the music controls his actions.  And the actions of his fans.  This video is being removed from the internet constantly.  And so I have downloaded it with the intention to pass it on.

It is common knowledge that music effects our mood and actions.  The brain thinks in words, music and images.  Our brain receives messages on a sub-conscious level, that could never register on a conscious level.  Yet these messages still affect us.  We still process and accept them.  And they leak in to our conscious mind.

Michael didn't just speak out for his own benefit, he must have known the dangers of being honest.  He spoke out for artists that had lost their lives before him.  And he spoke out to save the world.  Even those that abandoned him.

Michael Jackson was murdered on the 25th June 2009.  Whatever he planned to tell the world in his come back performance remains a mystery.  But we still have his previous efforts to warn us as a reminder that he tried to save us.

As a loyal fan of Michael Jackson, here is my tribute to him.  He was extremely talented.  You will never be forgotten.  Your efforts and your work will live on forever.  Here are some of my favourite Michael Jackson songs.  What do they say to you?

This one is directed at the hypocrites. Obviously.
My favourite song.

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