Friday, 25 November 2011

England is in recession, so let's spend £250000 on the Olympics:

Youtube has some interesting theories on why we are having the Olympics, here is one I viewed myself and I believe there to be some truth in it:

Also, so many public facilities are being taken away to cut costs for the Olympics.  We will not benefit at all from the Olympics.  But we will most definitely suffer from our facilities being taken away.  What are our taxes for exactly?!  Well, in reality they're to line the pockets of the greedy establishment.  And to pay for things we don't want, need or in any way benefit from.  Of course officially tax is to benefit the community and it is our duty to pay through the nose so that the government can wear their tailor made designer suits, dine at expensive restaurants and basically live the high life while we try to make ends meet.  Worrying where the next meal is coming from, and how to make a small amount of money cover bills and food costs.  Oh how the greedy establishment suffer for their people?!

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