Monday, 14 November 2011

Evolution, a revolution against nature:

The theory of evolution is taught as fact in schools when it is not yet proven as fact. The whole idea is rather far fetched and has no real hard hitting evidence to support that it is, or even may be close to factual, but despite that the theory is in no way proven people are still taught and convinced that it is the truth.

Evolution is a theory which attempts prove that everything which exists now has developed from less complex species of plants and animals. Step by step this theory maintains that ever simpler organisms are the ultimate source of everything. Thus people evolved from monkeys who evolved from simpler animals who themselves evolved over many stages from single cell amoeba. These amoeba emerged from the primordial slime of the cooling planet which was created from the big bang which created the universe. This big bang is the result of the collision of gasses in a time before the universe existed. Thus evolution links neatly on to the big bang theory and together forms an explanation of everything. There is just one problem - the theory is wrong!

The missing links in this theory of evolution are in no way filled in nor will they ever be since so many things disprove this whole idea. For example it is claimed that modern man (homo sapiens sapiens) developed from homo erectus, in particular the cromagnons who in turn developed from the neanderthals. This is simply rubbish cromagnons existed at the same time as the neanderthals who they are superior to as we are to monkeys what is never mentioned in schools is that the cromagnons who we are supposed to have evolved from were mentally and physically superior to modern humans they had a bigger brain capacity and archaeological evidence points to them having highly advanced family structures and societies which we cannot not rival even now. Evolution claims that the strongest survive yet modern humans are inferior in every way to the cromagnons who lived thousands of years ago.

Evolution theorists teaches that our ancestors were stupid. How then did the people that built the pyramids know that the earth was round and have an understanding of cosmology which even with our modern technology we are still catching up with. The Mayans for example new of the existence of galactic centre which modern astronomers only discovered within living memory, according to evolution these people were living up trees and chucking spears at each other. The great irony is that many people in the world today do live like animals and chuck spears at each other.

There are pyramids in the sea off the coast of japan which must have been built when that area was above sea level this was over ten thousand years ago. Modern teachers will look you straight in the face without even the hint of a grin and tell you that the pyramids were built by slaves who carried blocks of stone weighing hundreds of tonnes and piled them on top of each other and over hundreds of years just to be the graves of the Pharaohs. My god they must have been strong in those days! What they don't tell you is that the pyramids perfectly mirror the constellations in the sky above if you mention this again without laughing they will tell you this is just coincidence. Can you believe you are supposed to respect these morons and allow them to teach our children?

Cave paintings exist showing men hunting dinosaurs. Official history tells us that the dinosaurs were wiped out by an asteroid hitting the earth and that animals similar to rats survived this catastrophe and went on to evolve over many millions of years in to humans. Either the cave dwellers had an amazing imagination in that they could picture creatures which hadn't existed since before there own ancestors were rats, or it is the evolution theorists who live in fantasy land. I would say the latter. Evolution theory is so full of holes that it requires an act of faith to see it as anything other than nonsense.

What is the point of evolution theory? It is not really a scientific theory at all but rather a political doctrine, evolution claims we are all the same what does this remind you of? It is just the tired old Marxist drivel that all humans are exactly the same. It justifies treating people as unimportant and disposable where there is no difference there can be no excellence nothing to look up to, just a life of producing and consuming evolution is the theoretical justification for the coca cola one world culture where we are all scum and where there is no point in trying to better yourself, where everyone is a "chav", where idiots who repeat whatever rubbish they are told become teachers and produce more morons exactly the same as them.

If anything proves that evolution as a theory is wrong it is that its central idea is of everything developing in a way which makes it stronger and better able to survive fossil evidence shows that the strongest creatures that have ever lived were in times gone by and the creatures that now live are weak in comparison, if there is any evolution it is from a position of strength and purity declining to weakness, history shows a steady march from excellence to excrement! On his death bed Charles Darwin admitted that he had no faith in his own theory of evolution it only survives because it can be applied politically. We did not begin as monkeys, we began as gods. Evolution is just wrong.

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