Sunday, 6 November 2011

The lunacy that is political correctness:

For years political correctness has been growing ever more ridiculous.  It was introduced slowly, until a few years ago when it became radical and completely nonsensical.  Political correctness is not designed as is described, to protect minorities, it is instead designed to limit ones vocabulary - thus limiting the words one can think in.

In destroying the English language, by abolishing certain words - as well as promoting the mis-use of many perfectly harmless English words, the Establishment have enabled the self policing of our fellow man.  Despite CCTV, phone monitoring, mobile monitoring, Internet monitoring and such, they didn't have us completely surveyed... Until they introduced the thought police ideology - in which the political doctrine causes disputes between individuals of different opinions to police each other and push each form of indoctrination upon one another.

Not only does it divide the nation, but it also allows labelling of people - leading to confusion when one has an outsider opinion that has not been installed in to the minds of the controlled through TV and media influences.  The labels allow for a conversation to be ended easily on the part of the indoctrination - whom only has to use a politically correct term to stifle the harmless opinion of their opponent.  Such as; racist, homophobic, Islamophobic, supremacist, anti-Semite, sexist etc.  Which seem to cause such offense and silence most people who are trying to oppose anything protected by political correctness.  Such labels protect non white races, sexual deviants and such from ever being criticised, even if they are criticised for good reason.

The sexism label has been used as a way to enslave women in the exact same way as men have been for years.  And to detach the natural order of family life.  A newborn baby will no longer identify with it parents and their way of life, it will only recognise the establishments propaganda - instead of the ideals of its parents.  But to object to women in the work place is considered sexist.  Whereas in actual fact the role of a mother and wife is something to be proud of and indeed promoted.

The liberal minded will protest against any criticism of a non white race, homosexual etc even though crime statistics of both non white races and homosexuals have reason to cause offense.  For example, Muslim rape crimes are higher than any white rape crimes - as are black rape, violence, theft and such crimes - yet it is considered racist to object to the high rise in criminal activity in Europe, due to the non European influence.  Never mind the fact that large areas of Europe are now extremely dangerous and cannot be entered by whites.  We're not allowed to complain about that of course.
We're also not allowed to complain about the high number of homosexual paedophilia crimes - which makes up about 48% of all paedophilia cases - yet homosexuals make up only 2% of the English population - so that is a hell of a lot of homosexual paedophiles.  Liberals will go so far to protect these perverts as to claim that paedophiles have no sexual preference - this is completely untrue.

For some of the statistics of Muslim rape crimes in Europe, or information on homosexuality and some of the causes, please visit my YouTube channel. 

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