Thursday, 10 November 2011

The language of the free:

Language is an amazing thing, giving us the ability to communicate with various words to describe what we mean. And with so many words to use one would believe we would never be short on words to fill up our sentences, yet this is not so. People are becoming lazy and stupid shortening words or never really branching out on what they say and instead filling the gaps in their silly conversations with swear words because they are too simple to think of anything better to say and think that swearing is big and clever, in my opinion it is what people do to try and sounds "tough" when they in fact are not also to add something else to their sentence because they do not know any better words.

Many of our greatest words go to waste because they are not politically correct, people don't understand them or they have been forgotten as they are seen to be old fashioned also many people today do not know a wide variety of words due to lack of decent education since the education system is not actually there to teach anything of real value.

Texting from a mobile phone requires shortening the words to an almost unrecognisable form in order to fit what you need to say in to each message, because this has become normal many people do not know any better and write like that even in emails or letters which allow more writing space, this is because they either do not actually know how to spell the words correctly as is the main cause these days, they are too lazy to write properly or they think that spelling words the wrong way is cool and trendy.

Our language is being destroyed by such seemingly harmless things yet the effects are there for everyone to see but the manipulation is so strong that people choose not to see what is so blatantly obvious to the point of ridiculing those who do.

The level of control is so strong that without a second thought most people will accept the new rules never questioning the evil puppets who impose them, many restrictions upon our language exist these days and yet many people fail to even notice that our language is being stolen from us.

If you can control the words people are allowed to use then you can control the words that people think with, we think in words and by controlling how we communicate they are actually controlling our thought. The Americanising of English, the dumbing down and the political censorship and distortion of words is part of an overall assault on the mentality of the masses. Alongside such forms of control as fashion, the manipulation of the written and spoken language is a form of brainwashing designed to reduce the ordinary people to a mass of moronic, materialistic, self obsessed slaves. And the proof that it works can be seen by observing how the sub human filth who make the majority population change their words and clothes at the command of the TV- and these morons cannot even see it.

The school system is not their to educate as it may lead people to believe it is actually there to programme young and impressionable children, as is the nursery which is their to prepare children for the conditioning they will receive whilst in full time education. The school children's lives are dictated by bells programming the children to work to the clock this prepares them for responding to the shift pattern of menial jobs or for signing on times to get their dole. Children are taught unquestioningly obey teachers doing pointless exercises without thinking. This is exactly the same technique used to train the most moronic people that exist in any society- those being the vermin who volunteer to join the army, navy and air force and kill people for money. Schools rather than educating people are turning children in to machines. Genuine ability is crushed as well independent thought. Even the uniform is their to prepare these poor brainwashed children for service in shops and in the armed forces. Soldiers are the lowest form of life and only the vilest scum of the planet would want to serve in the army, navy or air force yet thanks to the school system the armed forces are seen as a positive career choice.

The control on language is at such a point now that even children's nursery rhymes are being changed to fit in with "the politically correct new English". And children's TV rarely if ever contains real English, most children's programmes include silly made up words destroying a child's ability to communicate at such a fragile stage before it really has a chance to develop linguistic skills. This is also a deliberate attempt to control and manipulate the future generations.

As George Orwell said, he who controls the past controls the present and he who controls the present controls the future. If you look at new additions of old books you will find the story lines have been changed to fit in with modern politically correct ideology. This gives the false impression that the stupidity and promiscuity of today is something that has always been, so making it appear normal. For Christians references to how the Jews were Christ killers have been removed from the bible, and now Jews are seen as the chosen people of god, rather than as Jesus himself said the children of the devil. They have distorted the past to gain control of the present, they have killed our language in order to prevent us from being able to voice opposition and in this way they have stolen out future.

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