Saturday, 12 November 2011

Police Brutality:

However bad you think the American police state is, England is much worse.

In England we are not allowed to carry firearms, or any kind of defense at all.  In America, the civilians are only just beginning to be disarmed.  England has been rendered defenseless for years now.

The police do not exist to fight crime against the people, they enforce the ridiculous laws and restrictions of human rights against the people.  The government use the police to brutally suppress and control the masses.  The police merely obey orders from above, and will think nothing of shooting, beating to a pulp, using a taser or pepper spray against an unarmed and harmless civilian - just because they have been commanded to do so, or plainly because they can.

At many protests the plain clothes police are sent in to commit acts of violence, discrediting the peaceful protesters all together in the public view.  And the fancy dressed 'pigs in blankets', violently attack the harmless and peaceful protesters with such force and brutality - without so much as a second thought or reprimand for their actions.

The government and their fascist bully boy protection racket, do not see civilians as humans with thoughts and feelings - they see us a sheeple.  And remain indifferent to the pain they inflict upon the masses.  Their only plan is to serve themselves at our expense.  Enslaving and dictating us.

How much longer are we going to take such unjust treatment?!  Are we going to wait until it is too late and we're being killed off in huge numbers?!

The government work for the Zionist elite.  Who believe that they're chosen by their demon God, to rule over and enslave mankind.  (So who are the real racial supremacists)  This is something they're already doing.  If you don't believe it, look at what the police and government are doing to your country, your people?!  Surely anyone with even limited intelligence can sense that something is not right.  We are living under the real dictatorship, in England!
Act now while there is still some freedom.  So far the chains that bind you are only mental and financial, soon they will be physical as well.

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