Wednesday, 13 July 2011

EDL and Zionism.

The English 'so' called defence league, was formed roughly two years ago, by a Zionist supporting moron.  Tommy Robinson - the illiterate leader of the EDL, after an accusation that the EDL is a Nazi organisation, stated that the English defiance league supports Zionist Israel.  Obviously, the support of Israel is to deter any accusation of Racism, as well as annoy Muslims - who are known to hate Jewish people and oppose Zionism.  But the main reason for the EDL's open support of Zionist Israel, is because the EDL is controlled by Zionist Israel.

The EDL, is closely monitored and even organised by the police.  The reason for this, quite simply is because the Zionists that control the EDL - know very well what sort of drooling morons will follow their group.  They manipulate the foolish cretins in to marching, chanting and rioting against the supposed problem with Islam.  There are several reasons why this would benefit the Zionist movement - firstly, it allows the protection of other races, over our own people due to racism.  Second, other races are put first due to supposedly being a 'minority' - even though they out number Europeans greatly.  Third, the EDL portrays the English and our culture as something to be ashamed of, hateful hooligan members of the organisation give white people a bad name!  Fourth, in its support of Zionist Israel, the EDL allows for the Zionist 'enslavement of mankind' to be enforced.  You are selling out your own people YOU MORONS!!!  Zionist Israel is your real enemy, not Islam!

Like most organisations, the EDL provides a smokescreen.  It is a mere distraction.  This distraction is basically saying 'look at Islam, lets blame Islam for everything', 'don't look over at the real problem, just blame Muslims'.  Sadly, this technique comes in many forms - too many distractions exist to keep us from seeing the real problem.  The EDL is destroying England - not saving it.

Most of the EDL members are too retarded to even spell their own names.  A large number of them are just plain racist and use the Islamic religion as an excuse to attack Muslims, whether verbally or physically - it is still a pathetic attempt on the EDL's part.

English culture has been shameful for quite some time now.  After the war with Germany, England went downhill.  This is when Zionist Israel took control.  Lets look at what Zionism has introduced to us, pornography - destroying men and women and causing us to be controlled by our primitive lusts.  Enslavement - need I say more?  We work like dogs and get paid a pittance.  Although, most of the EDL are dole scrounging scum - so they wouldn't know what it's like to survive with the struggle to work, pay your bills and raise a family.  What has Zionism destroyed?  The most wholesome thing in existence, the 'family'.  In a much simpler time, man was the bread winner, women looked after the home and the children.  As is natural.  But thanks to Zionism, women are now also enslaved and children are looked after by strangers in a nursery/school. 

Zionism has caused England to greatly depend on the state for everything.  We are losing our ability to do anything for ourselves.  Let me ask you this, if one day 'China' stopped shipping in goods to our country what would we do?  If our food, clothes and other necessities suddenly stopped coming in from other country's - where would that leave us?  Starving, cold and probably stuck for entertainment!  England used to be self sufficient, but that has deliberately been stopped.  Zionism has caused us to depend on someone else for everything.  And when we no longer have that option - how many people will struggle to survive?!  And this is going to happen.  Why do else would our army be sent off to provoke countries that are supported by our main supplier?!  Do England a favour - destroy the EDL!

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