Friday, 18 November 2011

Monkey see, monkey do.

Very many visionaries, throughout the course of history, were unappreciated in their time. Copernicus for example he was considered mad for what we now today see as common sense, even today this is the case when someone thinks freely and forms a different opinion to that of the herd they are greatly ridiculed. The method of dealing with visionaries may slightly have changed, as not many people are hunted, tortured and killed for this these days. (Although it does still happen).

Individuals, with ideas that don't fit in to the perspective of those who have been brainwashed, or bought in to the false ideology, openly chastise these individuals. Often with very little evidentiary support, to back up their claims that the idea is sheer lunacy. Much proving that their own ideas, hold little place in the search for truth. Free thinkers, such as David icke and Alex Jones, are openly criticized on live TV. Mostly by media puppets who know little, or nothing about which they criticize.  The whole idea of this of course is to teach people who brainlessly watch TV, (allowing it to do all the thinking for them. And form their opinions, whilst at the same time convincing them they formed that opinion themselves) that this is the way to behave. That it is normal to never question things. And anyone that does is odd, crazy and paranoid. The message people should be receiving is that it is normal and healthy to question the fabric of reality. Or any official story we are told, because without truly researching any topic for ourselves, we cannot conclusively prove that we are right about our claims. Also if everyone were to question history, ideas and such we would begin to gain some idea of the truth, isn't that what is important? Obviously not. Which makes one wonder, exactly what the Zionist puppet masters are trying to hide?!

TV is one of the biggest forms of brainwashing in existence. Many, deny that it could brainwash the masses. But out of the entire population, who doesn't own a TV? The official media spins out stories that will distract, building the level of control.  For instance, what does it matter what celebrities are doing, wearing or eating? Yet this is considered news. And things such as racist crimes against blacks or Asians are reported. Yet not so many racists crimes against whites are reported. (So as to convince the rest of the world that it doesn't happen because the news never mentions it). Flu epidemics are reported on the news. Especially, as soon as someone dies, who was suspected to have had it. Despite the fact that they would have died no matter what. Because their immune system had packed up. These instances are used as a way to convince people that vaccination is the safer option.

Here is where I will explain my choice of title: From observing human behavioural patterns, I have noticed similarities in what is on telly and what is happening in the street. For example, when football is on, majority of the viewers are also playing football. The same goes for all sports. Yet in the eyes of the herd, the telly does not influence the brain in any way. Another example would be when you look back at old films. Compare them to modern ones, you will see the level of intelligence changes in old films. There is always something to make you think. Whereas, in modern films all everything is spelt out for you. Also nudity never used to exist in films, nor did foul language. (Plus real English was spoken, rather than the Americanised, dumbed down, politically corrupt version we hear today). And people rarely behaved promiscuous, if at all. Society, had better morals. Men and women respected themselves, as well as others. As time goes by, films get more explicit. People are following the example they're is being set. This in itself shows that the TV has a strong influence over behavioural patterns.

Any new ideas should be openly welcomed, rather than shot down because they are misunderstood. Or different to that which we have rammed down our throats, in pointless education. If you can call it education at all. Debating your point to prove a new idea wrong is fine, if you have the facts to back yourself up. But in my experience, people who try to criticize my articles, are often full of insults and pointless comments, irrelevant to the topic at hand.

People seem to either go through stages of acceptance slowly - first criticism, then anger, then acceptance. Or, alternatively, they shut off from it and bark nonsense. Ignoring the facts because they either cannot argue the point, or they have no point because your facts cannot be disputed. And so they try to remain blissfully ignorant to the truth that stares them in the face. Because the truth is never easy to hear!
The worst thing in this world is that you cannot help those, who are unwilling to help themselves.

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