Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Social networking, tracking your every key stroke:

Social networks such as facebook, bebo, myspace, twitter, all have one major purpose. This is most definitely not to help people connect with old friends. Or make new ones, as we are led to believe. It exists, because it allows the government to keep tabs on us, even more so. But, also the quizzes, or games involved on these networks, allow the government to tap in to your mind. Tracking your thought and understanding the patterns you think in. Thus allowing them to work out whether you are a threat to the establishment. Plus they can use the information to find new ways to control and convince you of their lies. It allows a psychological profile of you to be created.  Perhaps you have heard of these?  They are generally used to capture criminals.  Are you a criminal?  If not, do you welcome the idea of being treated like one?!

In tracing your every thought, feeling, comment, quiz result, they have the ability to predict the kind of moves you make. Or indeed, would make in certain situations. This obviously gives them an unfair advantage over you. Every phone conversation, email, text message, website and TV programme you send or view is monitored. For example, sky plus, allows you to pause and rewind what you are watching. Which means the information is stored on incorporated hard drive. This information can be retrieved by the television provider, or anyone who has access to their information. Including, obviously, the security services, such as MI5, CIA, MOSSAD. Any of this information gives these services a look inside your mind.  Showing a clear picture or how it works. This is used to train people to be the same as everyone else. By creating stereo types and labelling behaviour, so as to control the masses by manipulating their individuality. Through fear mainly. Making the masses in to a 'one minded man made robot'. 
Individuality poses a threat to the NWO. If we never question anything, never think for ourselves, then we never find out the truth of any situation. Individuality, allows us to behave and think freely stopping any kind of mind control from taking effect.

The official media, is a tool. It is used to stop individual thought. This is enforced, by the media telling us only the stories that the Zionist leaders want us to hear. They tell whomever is listening how to think, how to react. The official news only includes "what we are supposed to know" never the "whole truth". And certainly, never any story that doesn't help further impose the NWO. Mindlessly people sit in front of their televisions, day and night watching stupid, deliberately mind numbing programs (that destroy our morals and individual thoughts). The official media's lies, allows the TV to think for the viewer. And forms their opinions without anyone realising. Because we are given an irrelevant and pointless choice - of pre-chosen (for us) debates, such as, 'whether which official media's opinion to trust' or 'which TV programme is better', such silly decisions lead us to believe we are free to think for ourselves. Yet these allowed decisions, have been planted to stop us from realising we are controlled.

Another unknown source of hidden control would be "parties". We choose who we follow, based on who and what we believe. Yet these parties are all controlled. They were created by our enemies for that purpose. They allow us to feel we are going against the NWO. And fighting control. But in fact these parties keep us from ever being a threat. Because they are all deliberately led by idiots, who can barely even spell their own name. These leaders spout absolute nonsense, knowing nothing factual about the topic at hand. In fact the only information they have access to, is all mainstream media clap trap. Once they have given their controlled speech, they pat themselves on the back for doing such a great job. Then get drunk and reckless. (Such is the case of the ever retarded BNP, EDL and WNP). Nothing ever gets done. No plans to fix things are EVER made. Anyone following these groups, is kept too firmly in line for any progress to ever be made. They're under the impression that they're receiving the correct information (thus eliminating any threat of individual thought). Members of such groups are kept distracted. So that they can never be a danger to the NWO. Each party has a particular distraction in mind. The idea is to keep the followers focused on that one distraction. For example, convincing them to hate certain races. Or to disagree with other parties. Partaking in petty squabbles. This childish finger pointing keeps the followers, from ever actually knowing what the real problems are.

With the advent of CCTV, every interaction you make in public is recorded. With the Internet, you do not even have to leave your home to be monitored. Every aspect of our lives is recorded. Every choice we make is carefully crafted for us. To ensure that we cannot make any independent choices. When George Orwell wrote 1984, he could only dream of the possibilities of surveillance. The reality we live in is far more controlled and manipulated than anything George Orwell, Aldous Huxley, or any of the other visionaries of the last century could have feared. The only thing that is for certain is that everything is going to get much much worse. You are willingly building your own prison, by volunteering information. Refusing to see the horrendous police state which should be obvious for anyone to see. If you don't want your children to be literal slaves, you had better do something about it now!

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