Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Corruption of an innocent mind:

The story of Thomas Lobel is one that should shock and appall even the most liberal of minds.  An 11 year old Californian boy raised by two lesbian women, Thomas Lobel has been subjected to hormone blocking drugs since summer this year.  The guardians of this seriously misguided and confused boy attempt to justify their decision, by stating that Thomas was detached and failed to interact before this act of gross mistreatment took place.  The two women, Debra Lobel and Pauline Moreno claim that since partaking in hormone blocking drugs, Thomas (or Tammy as they moronically refer to the boy) has suddenly changed in to a much more responsive child.  Perhaps this sudden transformation can be attributed to the now slight ability to relate to his female guardians.

Raised solely by female authority figures, Thomas can posses little or no ability to relate to a male authority figure - as all healthy children should, to provide them with a well balanced upbringing.  This lack of a male to bond with has obviously played a great part in the mental state of this discombobulated child.

Another undeniable element is the ever disturbing situation in which he is being raised.  A young child growing up in an unnatural environment, such as a lesbian partnership, is clearly going to suffer from experiencing such sickening debauchery.  Children are a product of their environment.  They follow the example set by their main influence, parents.  The sexual preference and narrow minded views of Thomas trustees have destroyed his innocent mind.  There is little doubt that Thomas was coerced in to his supposed decision.  And one can only assume that this is due to his mind being poisoned from birth by man hating lesbians.

In a stable and sane society, mental illnesses such as 'gender identity disorder' would be treated.  Instead the sufferers have their unfortunate aberration greatly indulged - by dangerous chemical ill-treatment and genital mutilation.  However, in this allegedly progressive lifetime the politically correct liberal minded public deem aiding mental disorders as a form of cruelty.  The true form of cruelty is to treat this illness as a case of being born in to the wrong body - this lie allows the mental problem to be accepted as normal.  Resulting in the use of drugs and surgery to mask the symptoms of the sufferer.  Unfortunately, this has long been the Mal-practice of so called medical professionals.

Here is the orginial article from the daily mail:  http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2043345/The-California-boy-11-undergoing-hormone-blocking-treatment.html

Thomas Lobel's confused mentality could easily be resolved by removing the negative atmosphere caused by his perverted carers.  With a male influence to allow the natural and healthy development all children need, Thomas could perhaps begin to relate to his own gender and accept himself for who he is.  With counselling and other forms of help there would be no need for such abuse as hormone blocking drugs and sex change surgery.  Pauline Moreno and Debra Lobel should be referred to social services for their hand in this disgusting situation.


  1. You are so ill informed. No one forced the kid to do that. It's how he feels about himself. If he wants to be a she, he's allowed to. Stop being so close minded and realize kids generally know what they want better than adults do.

    1. DNA cannot be changed so no he cannot be a 'she'. The desire to be mutilated to such an extent as to attempt to change gender (WHICH IS IMPOSSIBLE) is nothing more than a mental illness - which should not be indulged, but rather cured with counselling.

      These women have damaged this boys mental health with their man-hating ways - forcing him to feel a need to 'please' them - by way of mutilation.
      Why stop at sex change, why not indulge those who believe they are pussy cats - have them mutilated beyond recognition? After all, if that is how they feel about themselves then they can be pussy cats if they want to be - they are allowed, are they not?!

      This madness of indulging perversions and mental illness has to end.

      You call sanity closed minded. And you ignore the fact that a child is subject to its environment. A child is incapable of making such a decision. At such a young age a child only knows what its elders tell it. To allow a child to be mutilated will only further damage his mental health in years to come, leaving him with no sense of self worth or recognition. You are the ill informed and closed minded one. You fail to see past your sense of submissive acceptance of everything to what really is. If we fail to help these people properly then we have condemned them to slip further in to mental illness.