Saturday, 19 November 2011

1984 is upon us.

George Orwell's "1984", explains a future of slavery. Manipulation. Fear causes oppression, allowing mass control. It also describes how the English language will be altered. Words removed and replaced. Amazingly, this has been happening for years now. And goes almost completely unnoticed. Obviously, his predictions are coming true.

The English dictionary is constantly being doctored.  Perfectly acceptable words, such as "gay", "queer", "fag", "tramp", "nigger" etc, have been moved.  Just to clarify (in case the liberals come after me), the word "nigger", derives from "negro" - meaning black person.  And is therefore neither offensive, nor an incorrect word!  These words are now deemed offensive by the "thought police".  How can the word "gay" be offensive, when it merely describes feeling happy?  Or the word queer, meaning strange, odd, eerie etc.  However these words are being erased from the English language.

To add insult to injury, absolutely absurdly nonsensical, not to mention nonexistent words are replacing them!  A few examples of these ridiculous words are: "Paining", "OMG" (I know, not even a word!), "LOL", "<3" (Oxford English dictionary - what a pile of excrement, eh?!), etc.  It makes me wonder how long before such stupidity takes the form of: "putted" instead of put.  Or "worser" instead of worse.  And amazingly, people use these retarded NON words.  Perhaps they were ill taught them in schools, or heard them on TV.  Whatever the case, I never believed anyone could be so foolish!  And all in the name of progress?

This supposed progress, is so backwards, as to destroy the entire English language.  I believe these non words are known as "newspeak". Ironically, described with another non word.

Why, would anyone wish to destroy an entire language?  Well, the human brain thinks in words, sound waves and images.  Words, well without them we cannot express thoughts.  If words are limited, then our thoughts are also limited.  Thus freedom of speech does not exist, nor does freedom of thought. 

By replacing great words with the ever retarded "OMG", we not only lose freedom of speech. We also greatly lose our ability to think freely. Through political correctness, or censorship we are more easily controlled - pushed in to thinking a certain way.  Sure, at home we can say whatever pleases us.  But what about at work? School? Etc.  We feel compelled to follow the herd by watching our words.  After all, we're terrified of being labelled an "ism" (racist, homophobic etc).  These "ism's" were created to scare people out of expressing themselves freely.  And it obviously works.  Since the "liberal thought police" use these "ism's" to insult and separate us from the herd, so that those who do not fall for political correctness feel isolated and afraid of the consequences of not falling in line.

"Article 10, Freedom of Expression of the Human Rights Act 1998, which is a qualified right, states everyone has the right of freedom of expression. This right shall include freedom to hold opinions and to receive and impart information and ideas without interference by public authority and regardless of frontiers. This guarantees the right to pass information to other people and to receive information that other people want to give to you. It also guarantees the right to hold and express opinions and ideas."

The above, is a legal article regarding free speech. It clearly states that anyone and everyone is entitled to freely express their personal opinions.  Liberals would have us believe this is only acceptable when we are not going against political correctness.  But free speech cannot be censored, otherwise, it's not free!

Political correctness and changing the English language is destroying our culture.  It is encouraging stupidity.  And mostly, it is ruining a wonderful language, one that should be cherished.  Please, don't fall for the lie that these new words are in the name of progress.  Because in truth, they are bringing our downfall.

George Orwell's 1984:

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  1. Eric Blair (George Orwell) was not a novelist bringing forth ideas out of thin air - he was very well connected with the powers-that-be. 1984 was no romantic novel, rather a description of what Orwell knew was coming by means of his contacts. His predictions were not make-believe as the Establishment media would have it.

    The destruction of language has taken on an ever accelerating pace with the advent of text messaging. This technological development dovetails with the dumbing down process of the indoctrination system which farcically goes by the name of 'education'. It is not in the interest of the Establishment to have an articulate thinking population. Rather, the elite wish to reduce everyone outside their own clique to the level of mindless producer-consumers, with intelligence enough to obey orders, but nothing more.

    Political Correctness was a Leninist creation designed to stifle the opposition. It is no longer necessary to debate with an opponent; all one must do is declare their ideas to be racist, sexist etc to have them silenced. Liberalism is very illiberal.

    A staggering percentage of working people have to undergo sensitivity training lest they inadvertently offend someone. It is an outrage to make a comment which could be labelled as racist, but it is perfectly acceptable to libel an entire religion or people in order to justify bombing nations for their oil reserves, or strategic value! Yes, in this insane world, calling someone a 'Paki' is a heinous offence, but obliterating an entire village in Pakistan, slaughtering entire families, is fine! Using drones rather than infantry to murder people isn't war, it is an act of peace!

    The legislation you cite is interesting insofar as we are allowed 'Rights' by our owners, so long as we don't attempt to use them.

    George Orwell's 1984 was spot on. CCTV is everywhere - frequently with microphones installed alongside the cameras. Mobile telephones and Sat-Navs are perfect tracking devices. All internet usage is monitored. We live in an absolute tyranny, masquerading as a democracy by virtue of the pathetic toys we are encouraged to play with. Materialism and the propensity to self-police lest we break the taboos of the hierarchy - these are the bars of our prisons.

    Realising we are living under such extreme conditions is the first step to freedom. The second is saying to hell with them, and living as we see fit!