Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Education, destroying the nation!

The education system is not only a valid tool in the destruction/ control of young minds, the expression "give me the child until he is seven, and I will give you the man" - springs to mind (I will further explain this later), but it is also a means of psychologically beating down young impressionable minds. This is apparent in the way that white youngsters are taught they are vermin, basically having any sense of self worth and esteem diminished. Whites undergo the training that we are unable to express pride in white culture, for this is offensive, racist and wrong - in the eyes of the liberal do gooder establishment. This psychological beating children take, leaves feelings of guilt, worthlessness and little promise of a good life or great achievements (since whites are told they are vermin).

The saying I mentioned in the first paragraph - "give me the child until he is seven, and I will give you the man", basically means that young children can be brainwashed, more easily than children over the age of seven, at a young age children are influenced by their surroundings and education. After age seven, children develop their own minds and cannot be controlled, this is why the idea is to get children while they are young - so that the thoughts and opinions can be shaped for them, this opinion is the politically correct, do gooder, whites are scum and should be punished opinion.

Children can go to nursery from as little as three months old, which is long before they have had any real bonding time with the parents, or had any chance to develop their own personality, instead of the one the establishment pushes on them. Once a child goes to nursery, parents begin to lose the child, not only by way of the strong bond parent and child should have, but also on the level in which children follow their parents example and form their own personality through doing so. Nurseries are just training stations, preparing your child for the complete brainwashing they shall experience in schools. While I agree that children should be allowed to have fun, enjoy childhood and play etc, this does not mean they have to be treated like idiots - children's minds work somewhat like sponges, soaking up everything this is how children learn. If you treat children like idiots, they behave as such. In nurseries children finger paint, play with sand and water, dress up, play with toys and have maybe one story book read to them a day, they also have TV time (of course) - this does not appeal to a child's intellect at all. Children need mental stimulation, their minds need challenging.

Learning, is often passed off as boring, too much like hard work and something which can never be fun - this idea is drummed in to the generations by the establishment, who separate fun from learning. Learning, is fun - I admit it is of a different kind of amusement, but still fun nonetheless. Schools aim to keep the two separated, by keeping lessons dull, too controlled and requiring little individuality, self thought or general freedom. Schools also have breaks in which children are free to play in between lessons, again separating the two from each other. The method in which children are taught, plays a major role in how children respond to, or take in that education - if the lesson bears no true stimulation for the child, the child will fail to fully take in or remember the information. If teachers were to appeal to children's playful and excitable nature, the children would better take in any lesson. This of course, is not what the establishment want, the idea is for us to merely regurgitate the information we are given, never fully examining any given subject from both opposing views as well as the supporting views. We are never allowed to question what is classed as the only truth, because we may form our own opinions from such free thinking, this would destroy any grip the Zionist elite have over us.

Going back to the point I made earlier regarding psychological beatings, this affects children on many levels - any foreigners who witness this, begin to form the opinion of being superior to the white race, which is not true, whites also begin to feel the same. Whites fail education, because the education system fails them. Being told you are vermin on a daily basis, does nothing to inspire self improvement, only having your potential recognised as well as encouraged can inspire self improvement and want for further education. Because of this white generations are becoming self loathing, uneducated, liberal do gooders or racist.

Since some races choose to take advantage of the liberal do gooder ideology, that any race except whites deserves better treatment, can never be questioned/ criticised, deserves more rights and should be considered superior to the white race - whites become angry at, or submissive to this way of life. Equal opportunity only exists for those who are either perverse, mentally unstable or a different race - so for those of us who are straight, white, or haven't had a sex change - we will be considered less important and basically last in line for help, employment, health care, benefits, housing and mental health care. The system defies everything which is normal, teaching those who are different to think they are much better than us, and teaching those who have been beaten in to a submissive lifestyle that we should be ashamed of being normal - and these submissive people impose their brainwashed ideology on to others.

England, is becoming a very angry country. Whites are feeling let down by the system, which favours race or perversions over straight whites. People can feel something isn't quite right. Sometimes this inspires people to look in to these issues further, other times it leads to joining groups which promise things they do not intend to deliver, such as rights for whites, immigration control etc. These political parties, have only one true agenda, to get people together, focusing on one small problem, so they can never see past this problem - for example: the BNP, which is considered a racist group for obvious reasons (although they are now allowing foreigners in the group), but the true nature of such a group is merely to keep people focused on the issue of race - not the issue of who is behind the foreigners having more rights than us, I will not deny that these races take advantage of this because they do, I also will not deny that they play the race card to get their way, because they do. But the true problem, lies with the establishment, which is set up create this division of opinions - this allows the establishment to gain control through tricking people in to thinking there is a way out, a better option to turn to. Yet all of these parties are controlled by the establishment, and designed only to keep the people down, to keep us from ever progressing towards freedom, equality and a better world of freedom and peace. Groups like the BNP, sit around in pubs (for most of their meetings) drinking beer, talking nonsensical clap trap about what should be happening and never actually take any action, which of course is the whole point, to never get anywhere - it gives people a sense of false hope, so that we are not actually out there taking action for ourselves, because we are relying on a leader to dictate what happens next.

People fall in to the trap, thinking that the BNP will save them because they have been so let down by the education system that they are unable to think critically. The school system teaches people that everything is simple, there is right and there is wrong, and that everything has to be taken at face value, children who have their brains crippled by the mis-education system are more easily manipulated in to thinking that democracy really exists in this country, and that Nick Griffin gives a toss about them. If we had an education system, rather than an indoctrination system, then the Zionist liars of the tory, labour, liberal and BNP, and boneheads of the NF and SWP would be seen for the charlatans they are. But people support these shysters, and believe they crap they are fed by the TV. Why? Because their minds have been destroyed in the schools they attended as young children!


  1. Don't forget state set ups who trap retarded English scum into advancing the government's agenda. The BNP is run by Nick Gri££in, a corrupt money lover who would sell his mum for a holiday in Bieritz. The real trash are the EDL who are racist sexist morons who push hatred of Islam because they feel threatened by a religion which frowns upon promiscuity. EDL idiots can only get whores who have no self respect or sense of decency. They hate Islam because it promotes marriage and fidelity. They are Infidels. Fidelity means faithfulness, honesty, and goodness. Infidelity is the opposite. Combat 18 had the right idea. Lets hope we soon see a new Redwatch with a hitlist for EDL members. Death to the EDL.