Thursday, 24 November 2011

Crime doesn't pay... Or does it?!

From what we have rammed down our throats, starting from a very early age. One would believe, that the legal system, is there to help people who fall victims to evil criminals. Once upon a time, this was true. In the days when justice, was actually served. Today, the law protects the criminals from being justly punished, for their evil crimes. Most crimes don't even reach the news papers these days, unless they are racist crimes, (mostly, crimes commited by whites against other races), crimes against the government, some stronger or milder crimes reach the newspaper. But when it comes to other races persecuting whites, it is rarely even mentioned (mostly being displayed in a small paragrapth, somewhere barely noticeable). And so people are lead to believe, that racism AGAINST whites, never happens.  This of course, is deliberate. Because, it allows political correctness and the liberal agenda, to easily be enforced.

If the newspapers were to tell the truth about dealers, or drug related crimes etc, people would be outraged. Even more so if they knew that the criminals, are in no way punished. Instead, they're treated as victims themselves. With no consideration, for the actual victims of these criminals. England is a highly developed police state. With CCTV monitoring pretty much everywhere (these days). A network of paid informers, provide a constant flow of information. In addition to CCTV in towns, all the major roads networks are covered by CCTV, with number plate recognition technology. There are also military listening posts, which monitor every text message, email, telephone conversation and Internet activity, in which originates, or ends in this country. With this mass of information, the police are aware of every business transaction committed by criminals, such as drug dealers, people traffickers, paedophiles and pimps.  Why then, is there such a slow (if any) response to these crimes?

The opium fields were taken control of by the state. When America and Britain invaded Afghanistan in 2002, these fields had previously been burnt down by the Taliban. But since the troops moved in on this area, the crops have been regrown. Surprise, surprise, the heroin market has never been more busy, or free flowing. And since this is an Asian drug found only in Afghanistan, it is quite obvious that only Asians and the military, would have access to these drugs. Thus narrowing the heroin drug dealers down slightly. But if the troops control these fields shouldn't it be rather difficult to smuggle this drug? Strangely it seems not. Of course the only conclusion that can be drawn from this, is that the state are the true drug dealers. Using the foolish Asian dealers to smuggle. And selling it to the even more foolish addicts for a profit. But why would the state want to allow such an evil, dirty, drug to be so obtainable? Perhaps because, "Heroin leaves the person taking it in a state - where they are blissfully unaware of anything that matters. Unable to think rationally. Unattached from any real human emotions. It makes the addict feel safe. Like they are surrounded by cotton wool. Nothing can touch them."  As it leaves the addict experiencing no feelings of emotion, they are more likely to be dangerous to those they steal from, in order to get their next fix.  This drug leaves them with no common decency. Which means, when most of them steal to pay for their drugs, they will be fine with mugging, burgling, shoplifting, shamelessly victimising innocent people. They will heartlessly steal from young children, even if it is as little as £1. They will break in to your house, if you are unfortunate enough to be home, they will attack you, then rob you. Some heroin addicts, pay for their habit by selling their bodies to the dealers. As well as the dealers friends. Some, even build up a network of customers outside the drug circle. Grievously, it is not unusual, for some of these girls selling their bodies, to not even have reached double figures in age.

Heroin, keeps people from being a threat to the system. It keeps addicts from thinking about anything, except naturally, their next hit. Much the same as alcohol, keeps those sticking to the law from thinking much at all. It lowers the brain activity. Thus closing the mind off. Leaving the drinker in a state where they can barely think at all. It is not good for the body in any way. In fact, it is more dangerous than natural hallucinogenics. (Which taken properly, can be very beneficial both mentally and physically). Yet it is still legal to drink very dangerous alcohol. While, natural hallucinogenics such as, mushrooms, or cannabis are illegal. Even though they are good for you when used correctly. And open up the mind to new experiences and knowledge. Cannibis, has already proved to have healing benefits for patients of severe illnesses, or injuries.

Criminals, tested and found guilty of having heroin in their system, are given drugs orders on probation. Instead of going to prison, they have to go on a methadone prescription. These criminals are given drug tests, ranging between twice weekly, or once fortnightly. Everything that the addicts need (provided they have committed a crime), is payed for. Including housing, bills, food, drugs, clothes, shopping, furniture, electrical goods, days out, education, TVs etc. On top of all this, they still receive incapcity benefit/jobseekers allowance/income support. They are of course, free to do whatever they want.

Human rights exist not to help those who have had theirs violated. But to protect those who have violated the rights of others. When a drug addict commits a crime, they do not get punished... Unless it is a crime against the state - such as contempt in court. For example telling a judge that he is an out of touch moron. Which in most cases is the truth. Some of the sickest crimes to be committed these days, still receive no punishment. Evil crimes such as - paedophilia, rape, mugging, murder, assault and burglaries. These criminals are left free, to commit such crimes again. In many cases, these criminals are even moved in to areas with normal, law abiding citizens. Leaving innocent people to suffer from such crimes. Yet, I would imagine areas where the rich and powerful (such as the government) live you will find none! The rich live in walled communities. Which have CCTV surveillance, security guards, not to mention plenty of other expensive measures. (at the tax payers expense - of course), Which insures only the ever protected rich and powerful, have access to these properties.
And liberal morons ensure that criminals are spread across the country. Ruining the lives of the hard working decent English. This clearly excludes their own people, which are very carefully guarded.

People who make the law, protect people who break the law. Those who pay for the crimes of the state and the scum they create, are the ordinary people. Who get daily screwed by the rubbish in charge of the country. As well as the rubbish who would be in gaol, if there was any sanity in this country.
(By the way, for people who don't understand what the word gaol means, that is the English spelling of the word which Americans would call a penitentiary - or jail).

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