Saturday, 11 February 2012

Poison free toothpaste!

Just a quick update, I have actually managed to find a toothpaste that does not contain any of the usual poisons found in supermarket toothpastes.  The brand is kingfisher toothpaste.  Make sure to check it is the fluoride free brand, as I believe they do one that has fluoride in as well. It is also free from "TOXIC" artificial sweeteners.  I came across this toothpaste at my local farm shop, I noticed it said fluoride free and so decided to check out if it was completely poison free.  And as far as I am aware, it is.  Please do not buy the poisonous brands of toothpaste.  Safer ones are out there if you are prepared to look for them.  Even if it means buying from the Internet or travelling a little way.  It is definitely worth it for a poison free toothpaste, that actually cleans your teeth and doesn't cause damage to bones, teeth and internal organs.

Toothpastes with artificial sweeteners such as 'sorbitol', 'aspartame', 'sucrose/sucralose' and 'saccharin' should also be avoided.  Most supermarket toothpastes (even ones recommended by 'dentists'), are still dangerous and toxic.  Just remember that doctors and dentists receive commission for pushing certain "products" as 'good' brands.  Do not make the mistake of taking their word for granted.  We often accept authority from figures such as the establishment, doctors and dentists - as if they're in no way likely to be influenced or corrupt, we have been conditioned from birth to accept and trust in the word of an authoritative firgure.  But like the establishment, the doctors and dentists are only doing a job - they push whatever they're told to push.  Whether it is dangerous or not.  Like in most jobs, we accept the word of our boss and never consider whether what we have been told to do could be the wrong thing. 

For more information on why fluoride is extremely dangerous, see my video:

Here are some of the E - numbers commonly used to disguise the artificial sweeteners (though it may be a pain to check what we eat, drink and brush our teeth with, it is advisable to check and be sure that we minimise the amount of poison we consume - we do not want to be further weakened) :

E420 Sorbitol
E421 Mannitol
E422 Glycerol
E950 Acesulfame potassium (k)
E951 Aspartame
E952 Cyclamate
E953 Isomalt
E954 Saccharin
E955 Sucralose
E956 Alitame
E957 Thaumatin
E959 Neohesperidine dihydrochalcone
E962 Aspartame-acesulfame salt
E965 Maltitol
E966 Lactitol
E967 Xylitol
E968 Erythritol 

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  1. I must apologise for not completing this article properly before I posted it. I have corrected it now. I was very tired when I wrote it.