Friday, 17 February 2012

The FDA, what is it good for?!

Many of us make the fatal mistake of trusting a corrupt, profit obsessed establishment who are happy to murder and destroy the public in order to line their already over stuffed pockets with even more money!  But what is worse is that most of us couldn't conceive the idea of the evil and greedy FDA and pharmaceutical companies getting even more rich from poisoning our children.  For all decent humans, we assume that nobody would be that 'evil' as to attack children - especially since they're totally dependent and cannot possibly imagine what dangers could be lurking in their food, drinks and medications.  And as we have been programmed to believe that the government, doctors and pharmaceutical companies exist for our benefit, many of us never will realise that they are deliberately and slowly killing us.  And they are meant to be there to help us?!  Anyone can see this is untrue, they're simply in it for their own ends and to rob the public at the same time!

Childrens medications are being laced with aluminium and harmful synthetic petrochemicals.  "These "petrochemicals" are carcinogens containing petroleum, antifreeze and ammonia, which cause a long list of adverse reactions. Aluminum poisoning can lead to short and long term central nervous system (CNS) damage, such as memory impairments, autism, epilepsy, mental retardation, and dementia."
To read the full article of this go to: Natural News.

The FDA constantly approve of the use dangerous chemicals.  We are just foolish enough to expect the Food and Drug Administration to actually look after our well, as they are supposed to.  We take far too much at face value.  We too readily forget how easily corrupted people can be.  In a world where money and materialism are the most important things in existence, no one in power can be trusted.  The FDA, what is it good for?  Ensuring the government, food producers, water department and pharmaceutical companies can get extremely rich from daily poisoning the public, that's what!!!

Do not trust pharmaceutical companies or doctors to look after your health.  Doctors get paid to push certain medications - of which they know nothing.  And pharmaceutical companies make a fortune from these poisonous drugs.

Vaccinations are another danger, both childrens and adults vaccinations alike are extremely poisonous.  They contain; mercury, formaldehyde, aspartame (toxic artificial sweetener - how can they justify an injection having such a dangerous sweetener in it?  One does not taste with their veins! - aspartame converts to formaldehyde in the bloodstream) and many other dangerous chemicals.  Thousands of people die instantly from certain vaccinations.  This alone should be enough to worry the public.  And absolutely millions of people become ill shortly after the vaccinations, sometimes so ill they feel like they're going to die.  Many vaccinations cause immediate brain damage - such as autism.  Whereas in others it takes longer, but the effects are still there.  And what with all other unnatural medications and foods being laced with the same cancer causing/brain damaging chemicals, we are becoming weaker and less intelligent.  No wonder so many people are so easily influenced by the media or government lies.  This constant bombardment of poison and brain damage in absolutely everything we consume is going to have destructive effects beyond our bodies being killed slowly and painfully.

The medications we seem to mindlessly rely on from the state only ever contain a tiny (ineffective) amount of what would help us get better.  And the rest is poison that keeps us in a state of ill health.  I would highly recommend switching to natural alternatives such as homeopathy, home made remedies for coughs and colds (such as honey and lemon can be used to sooth coughs and sore throats), chinese herbal remedies are also a great option.  These medications are far more effective and not at all dangerous.

The problem with people today is that they go to the doctors over every little thing.  A slight sign of a runny nose and people go crying to the doctor - who then gives them poison that will only prolong their illness and make it far worse than it was to begin with!  Pharmaceutical companies need you to be ill in order to make money from you.  If you get better properly with natural medicines, then you do not have to splash out a fortune on various medications that don't actually work.  And in the end you only get better because your body naturally fights the cold, it never has anything to do with the pharmaceutical drugs.  I am aware that we do occassionally need the advise of doctors to find out what is wrong with us, if it is serious.  But I would always advise you to do your own research about what would help you get better.  Doctors are nothing more than drug pushers - who get paid handsomely by the drug dealing pharmaceutical companies.

The doctors and health visitors probably don't even know what the ingredients are in these drugs and vaccinations.  And they definitely do not know the dangers.  Although the idea of 'side' effects, or in truth, simply 'effects' from a drug that often cause what they're meant to cure or worse in many cases, should be enough to arouse the suspicions of anyone.  But these people only know what they have learnt from textbooks.  The education they receive demands nothing more than regurgitation of what they have been indoctrinated with.  It requires no real knowledge or intellect.  Just a good little parrot to repeat what has been said to it without understanding or even thinking about it.  As is the way with most things these days.  Schools teach us little more than the ability to mimic and respond to the sound of a bell.

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