Sunday, 12 February 2012

Only terrorists pay cash??

In America, the FBI have been using scare tactics in an attempt to 'phase out' cash payments, in favour of electronic payments in coffee shops (for a start anyway).  The FBI, in their infinite wisdom, have told American coffee shops to report anyone who pays for their order with cash - as a potential terrorist?!  The FBI have also decided that using google maps apps on ones mobile phone to search for sports stadiums, or protecting your right to privacy on the Internet, is also an act of terrorism.  In other words, the FBI are making it clear that we are not free.  We are under their constant control and surveillance.  And if we should attempt to experience the freedom we are entitled to, we are terrorists and the state will deal with us as such.

Here is the article I found on the subject: Natural news.

Basically, the state are getting ready to eliminate notes and coins in America, and naturally, as is always the case, Europe will follow in this lunacy.  If cash no longer exists, and we are forced to depend upon electronic transactions - we are truly one hundred percent at the mercy of the establishment - who can choose whether or not we are entitled to feed ourselves, or indeed fund any other necessity, such as warmth for example.  Do not think for one second that any of you will be safe from such an act of cruelty.  If you do not act as a good little slave for the establishment, they will do this to you.
And all it takes is one wrong word.

Another reason for this sudden FBI - terrorist fear mongering is because the establishment is preparing us for what is to come.  See: The future attack on Big Ben.  The establishment are placing fear in our minds as a way of grooming us for future events.  And the media has already joined in this manipulation, the media have began criticising Muslims for thought crimes.  Muslims are usually exempt from such scrutiny.  The media would normally push the idea that to in any way criticise a member of the Muslim community, even for their crimes as extremely racist.  However, now that they need to blame the Muslims for future "FAKE" terrorist attacks at the London olympics, the media are beginning to portray the Muslims as evil.  They have already claimed that extremist Muslims have threatened to avenge Osama Bin Laden.  Despite the fact that Osama has been dead for about ten years at the very least.  And he died in a CIA hospital.  He worked for the CIA.  The fake Osama used for the 9/11 confession tape - is easily proven to be just that, a FAKE.  The features of the person on the tape were in no way the same as the actual Osama Bin Laden.  A quick comparison shows of an image of the actual Osama and the fake show this.  And facial recognition technology is very advanced these days.  We have the ability to measure the distance of features and such, to recognise and compare the measurements to an image of any person.  Even if we disguise ourselves, our facial features can still be recognised by a computer.  Facebook uses this technology to allow for photo tagging.  Facebook being a CIA controlled social network would use such an advanced form of intrusion really.

Watch the media as it continues to fear monger the establishments propaganda, to prepare us for the removal of notes and coin as accepted currency, as well as the future terrorist attacks. 

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