Sunday, 19 February 2012

"Nozing" around.

Across the country already nosey people that pry in to the lives of their neighbours based on their own opinions of how things 'should be done', are being given the go ahead to further destroy their neighbours freedom and restrict their privacy by councils pushing the neighbourhood watch, self policing ideology.  9,831 have already joined the council in its privacy invasion.  And 1,310 more are wanted.  That shouldn't be too difficult a number to knock up what with how we have been conditioned to poke our nose where it is not wanted and gossip about each other.  This was easily achieved through mindless media influences.

The council are training and funding these nosey neighbours (who want nothing more than to control and interfere with other peoples lives, simply because they cannot accept the idea of freedom and privacy), when the country is absolutely broke - which apparently justifies screwing the poor working class over even more by removing their supposed privileges.  Because being able to afford living costs is a privilege and not a human right/necessity - as we all know.  But where is this money coming from?  More than likely it is being funded by your council tax and any fines they manage to demand from undeserving people they target.  Let's face it, council tax is extremely expensive for absolutely no reason.  How often do your bins get taken?  Once a fortnight, if you're lucky?!  And what other council offers actually benefit you?  Probably nothing, because if you work and pay an absolute fortune in council tax - you still have to pay even more on top to use council facilities?!  But if you sponge off the system and pay no council tax whatsoever, you get all of the council benefits free.  So basically, workers are paying to have their own privacy taken away!

"Officially" these nosey neighbours will be targetting people who drop litter, don't clean up after their dog or don't sort their rubbish properly.  But it is obvious that councils and police will push nosey parkers in to looking for other reasons to attack people.  And never mind that the council has caused this fly tipping problem we have anyway.  I mean if you have one more bin bag than you're supposed to the bin men refuse to take it.  So people are forced to dispose of it in other ways - and we only pay for the council to refuse to do their job.  If we refused to pay council tax because they're not doing their job and we have to pay elsewhere to dispose of our rubbish - then we would go to prison.  Such lunacy is considered normal only because people refuse to stand up for themselves against this form of dictatorship.

 Here is the original article: Daily mail - big brother alert.

The idea of self policing has nothing to do with the "official" reasons at all.  It is an excuse to push us in to betraying our fellow man.  And a way to destroy any remaining freedom or privacy we may have.  In short, it is a way of keeping the people down!

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