Sunday, 4 December 2011

Break from the herd!

Voting for a certain political party exists to give the impression that choice and freedom are actually a part of everyday life. The fact is, ALL politicians are corrupt, and all have the exact same agenda. Each party lies in order to gain votes, however it seems that whichever party is destined to next be in power is broadcast more so than the other parties - posted on billboards and such to influence the easily brainwashed with promises these politicians do not intend to keep. But this is merely scratching the surface regarding the problems with corrupt governments.

The mentality of the majority is that the people in power simply cannot be corrupt, they are not capable of doing anything other than what is best, what is right for the country and it's inhabitants. This kind of bizarre ideology apparently rules out any chance of corruption in any government - because according to the 'controlled' masses, people in places of power would not be in that position unless they had the 'peoples' best interest at heart. One point I would like to make is that people with evil intentions, always attempt to apply for positions working in areas where they can satisfy their evil intentions - for example, paedophiles tend to work in jobs close to children - such as schools and priesthood etc. This is common knowledge. So why then is it so difficult for people to believe that a government could be corrupt? My belief is that the mind is very simple in that of the masses - we cannot think behind the smoke screen we are provided, mostly due to daily influences which form our opinions for us such as TV, Billboard advertisements, radio, newspapers etc.

Politicians are basically puppets, used as a scape goat to keep our attention diverted from our true rulers - the evil Zionists. In effect, our view of politicians is that they control what decisions are made in our country - therefore when things start to go wrong, or start to ruin lives who do we instantly blame? The face of the public, the government! In the very same sentence, many people will also say 'But what can we do', so basically people believe their votes count - yet also believe they have no control over any decisions the people they supposedly voted for make? How can such lunacy still be classed as freedom? Yet the brainwashed will always believe they are free because the cage is not a physical one, nor is it in anyway visible - the chains are both financial and mental. The reason people maintain such a passive attitude towards life as it is, is because of lithium in the water. Lithium is prescribed for manic depression - it is said to lesson anger, aggression and agitation, this keeps the masses placid as they're financially ruined, physically and mentally destroyed, poisoned, and enslaved by Zionist puppet masters. It keeps the people from questioning the dozens of new and ludicrous rules made daily, the destruction of language, and it keeps the masses from doing anything to stop this enslavement of mankind.

The idea of the politicians is to provide something to keep our attention, a flashy sign or billboard to focus our minds on the immediate problem, so we may never see what lies beyond this sign. Our Zionist rulers are very intelligent, they can see far beyond what our simple minds can even begin to process. Whereas we may only be able to think a few steps ahead of ourselves, they are constantly thing a hundred steps ahead of themselves. And because our brain capacity is so limited, we assume that every bodies brain capacity is just as limited. We seem only able to see in black and white regarding matters of great importance - we cannot see the many possible hints of colour because our minds cannot grasp such complexities. This is exactly what allows the Zionist puppet masters to have such control over everything. Not only that, but also they have many puppets who are happy to play a small part in the destruction of the world - for a price I dare say, money or maybe just the promise of life while the rest of the disposable humans are being wiped out.

The Zionist plan is to leave at most five hundred million people to live out their lives as slaves, and wipe the rest of the seven thousand million population out. This plan has been in action for some time now, and is already killing people in a slow and painful manner. It starts with poisonous chemicals being forced upon our fragile immune systems from birth, by way of vaccination - and continues with any medication we are prescribed in our lifetime, as well as the harmful chemicals found in food/water, and the sky (chem trails). Such chemicals and metals as - mercury, formaldehyde, aspartame, saccharin, sorbitol, fluoride etc, which cause brain damage, cancer and many other health problems. Here is a link to a list of diseases and symptoms linked to vaccinations:

Do some research to find out hidden dangers in food, water and vaccinations/all pharmacy medications - make sure that any food you consume is free from the above mentioned chemicals. Don't make the mistake of thinking such things would not be approved by the FDA if they were unsafe, or that any level of such things in food or drinks will be low therefore cannot be all that damaging - any level of these chemicals is very damaging, and YES the FDA would approve such dangerous things, and they do!

The biggest problems however are that people are not aware of the Zionist influence, and truly think they're free and have options, as well as the fact that they believe that this physical existence is the only reality. But in actual fact, the physical doesn't exist at all - take atoms for example the smallest form of matter, everything is made up of atoms. Atoms are hollow, which means nothing can be solid, nothing physical can truly exist in anything more than our imagination. Or more to the point, our perception of existence. This physical reality we see before us, is where other life forms meet, where we share the same confused perception of life - this is not natural. We live in this existence now because we were manipulated in to doing so, such an existence is easier to control, through fear, vanity, materialism, laws etc.

The relevance of the above mentioned reality would be that it ties in with what many fail to understand, our brain capacity is so limited, we are basically only able to see on in black and white - in terms of our level of intelligence and perception. Whereas our Zionist rulers can see far beyond what we have been trained to accept as reality, hence why such complex problems are difficult for the masses to grasp, although in some cases they wish to remain ignorant.

To go back to my original point, if we have these rather fruitless choices such as differing (in appearance only of course) political parties and votes, choices of 'set' (controlled) opinions (provided by TV, radio and political correctness), and more tedious choices such as which football team to support, which type of 'set' fashion to follow, which channel of TV propaganda to follow, which controlled personality to take on, or politically correct/incorrect opinion to take on etc. Such ineffectual decisions lead to the misconception of freedom - if the cage is not visible, we will not fight it! But in effect, once you break free from this indoctrination, the cage is visible - you can see the mental and financial cage. The control is apparent in the outrageous bills and taxes, the destruction of countries, the way people unwittingly regurgitate everything they hear, read and see on TV, radio and in newspapers. The chains are financial, the cage is mental!

Upon each election, the persuadable voters in their naivety, tend vote out the previously elected politician, relying on the next greatly pushed puppet to be a better and more trustworthy choice. And even though this repeats itself every election, mostly they remain unaware of this ongoing pattern. Some voters do realise that all politicians are as bad as each other, though they still vote because they are under the impression that their vote counts for something, because the vote represents freedom.

Every time a politician has served his/her purpose, a new party and politician is pushed - through advertising, or 'lying' as it is otherwise known! Every party has a slightly different angle, in destruction that is, one might be particularly bad destruction-wise working slightly faster towards our demise, and another may seem to take take take - then give a little bit back - if you get my meaning. They have different appearances, different ways of handling the position - which is all in the keeping of choices and freedom - the act has to be convincing. And that is all it is, an act! Every face in the eye of the public these days is an actor/actress - they put on a show, even when pretending to be themselves. Everything is scripted, every move planned. This is all part of corrupting your personality/choices - they're shaping who you are and what you think. The idea is to create a set group for each 'set' personality type so that these groups (which are somewhere further up police controlled) can be controlled, these people can be influenced and controlled. Such control allows our Zionist rulers to sway our actions, our decisions... which leads to us further reacting in the way they want and destroying the freedom we once had. Do not fall for the group stereotype ideology. Think for yourself. Be an individual, not a sheep!

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