Saturday, 17 December 2011

More BBC propaganda:
The above BBC article uses black and white photography to disguise the criminal Nordine Amrani's true roots.  It is a sordid attempt to portray him as Belgian, rather than what he actually is - Moroccan.  The reason for this is because the BBC propaganda network couldn't possibly allow the world to realise just how bad the foreign crime is.  It might be cause for concern.  As well as waking people up to the fact that multiculturalism does not work.  If you stick a turd in with a load of decent food, the turd doesn't become edible or decent, it soils the food completely.  The same goes for the ideology of sticking criminals and scum in decent neighbourhoods and countries - the good does not rub off on them, their bad rubs off on the decent people, thus creating more scum.  And naturally that is the idea.  Of course the rich will not suffer the same injustice.  They can afford to not live next door to paedophiles, murderers, rapists and thieves.

Amrani had been in trouble with the police pretty much all of his life.  He was due in court on the day of his attack, killing at least four people and wounding 120.  And though he had been in trouble before for growing cannabis and possessing a large arsenal, he was acquitted for having the correct permissions. 

As usual the BBC, like all official media networks, does its very best to keep race out of the crime.  Regardless of the fact that race does play a major part in crime statistics.  This is to supposedly protect the human rights of the criminal.  The same does not go in the case of a white criminal - especially when the crime is supposedly a racist attack - in which case the white shall be ridiculed and the entire white race deemed racist for it.

In one recent case of supposed racism in England, which can be found on youtube: 'My tram experience'.  A white woman daring to voice her opinion was filmed, the woman was arrested for speaking freely and her child placed in to care - where it will no doubt be mentally, physically and emotionally molested by the state.  Well done multiculturalism and freedom, once again you have served us well.
The police conveniently ignored the black man behind her, who was about to get up and violently assault the woman in question, his girlfriend persuaded him not to though.  I suppose in the eyes of the law he was provoked and therefore it was not his fault?!  Although the white woman could not possibly have been provoked by any of the foreigners around her, that could never happen.

What is the world coming to?!

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