Sunday, 8 April 2012

Easter (Ishtar) info:

Read this article on why easter is evil:

It explains alot about easter and why it makes very little sense regarding the date.  It also shows that it is another one the rituals we have been blinding pushed in to worshipping - providing adequate energy for devil worship.  Many rituals exist that we partake in without realising - such as Glastonbury involves Sunworship - the most cheering commences as the Sun is rising - which although it is not a conscious form of worship the energy is still provided.  The entire thing is set deliberately to include us in the worship of the devil - thus dooming our souls, despite us being ignorant of it.  Easter is no exception.  Whether we are aware of our corruption or not, we are still apart of it and we willing give ourselves to such demonic rituals.  Question everything!

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