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Home education

Home education is often considered strange, or inadequate in comparison to the state education/indoctrination system, but where does the queer belief that we are unqualified, or even incapable of educating our own children come from?!  This unfounded and astonishingly insulting belief that we are so incompetent, as to not be able to guide our children intellectually comes from the education system itself; the schooling system enforces the ideology that we exist to serve and obey a higher authority; furthermore, we are incapable of thinking beyond our given orders.  School teachers, particularly primary school teachers, often give the impression of always being right and thus push the idea that to question the school system is tantamount to educational heresy.

But where does this unnatural subservient behaviour begin?  At first glance, we assume it begins in the school.  But for most children, it begins long before the school years.  Most nurseries will take children from about six weeks old onwards.  This is nothing short of child abuse.
And not only this, nurseries and schools both send your child spiralling backwards, knocking any information they have gained from their parents or family out of their minds and replacing it with savagery such as finger painting - a tragic waste of a would be brilliant mind.  Children are not stupid, their intelligence and abilities should be recognised, and we should help them to reach their full potential.  A child's mind is like a sponge, willing and ready to soak up new information - do you really want to allow your child's abilities to be stifled by the retarded TV programmes that cause speech impediments, or the state that patronise them and treat them as vegetables?!

Nurseries 'officially' exist to allow parents a break from their child, the chance to return to work or to allow the child to socialise and develop.  This is a slightly sugar coated version of the truth, to say the least.  Nurseries exist to reinforce the idea that children are an unnecessary hassle, that we can dump off with strangers.  It establishes the belief that to stay at home and raise ones own children is oppressive.
Women are expected to give up the most important role they could ever experience, motherhood, in order to pursue a life of slavery.  As well as damaging to a woman, this also has an extremely negative effect on the child.
A child raised by the state will not experience the love of a mother and father, combined with the needed attention for individual development, and not forgetting the loving discipline only provided by a parent.  No, a child raised by the state experiences indifference, separation, harsh discipline designed only to create a compliant servant to the oppressive establishment.

During the days of bra burning, women were convinced by an establishment controlled organisation that it was 'their right to work', in other words, their right to be enslaved just as men were.  This was orchestrated to further destroy and separate the family, as well as create a whole new wave of servile employees, taken from the middle class - (as the lower class of women had been enslaved for centuries under appalling conditions) -  allowing more servants to create a constant supply of consumerist materialist rubbish, for the lower classes to obsess over - in order to prevent any lower class of people from ever establishing wealth from years of scrimping and saving.   In my article Radical feminists - man hating lesbians:  I go in to much greater detail about this subject.

Education was once only available to the upper class, in order for them to obtain a managerial position above the working class.  It maintained the class system up until the industrial revolution, in 1750 to 1850 - when education was made available to the lower classes as a means to control, as well as allow the ruling classes to employ competent servants.
This did not destroy the class system, the class system is still very much alive even today. 
A common misconception about the industrial revolution is that living standards of the masses (lower classes) were improved and increased, this is a barefaced lie. 
During this time, when children were forced to work to survive, a classic case of cruel employment was sweeping the chimneys of the rich, while they were still lit, how many poor children lost their lives, or were at least severely damaged by this experience?! 
The introduction of the lower class education system was not to introduce equality, or to allow the servants a chance to better themselves, it was simply to allow them to comply with the new standard of living, the consumerist lifestyle.

The education the working class receives today is no different, we are still taught to obey and serve.  The education that the ruling classes receive is the same as it was then, it teaches them to control or manage the workers.  They receive a proper education that shapes them in to our rulers.  We receive indoctrination that breaks us down with mental torture until we are only capable of following orders without question.
The state schools teach our children to answer questions with provided examples - in other words to mimic their propaganda.  Our imagination is destroyed, and we are sent spiralling backwards from the moment the state takes control of our so called education.
Children are taught to respond to bells, each bell ring informing the child that it is the start or end of a lesson, break or dinner time etc.  This is a form of torture in itself, being forced to accept that ones actions are determined by a mere bell.
Soviet psychiatrist Ivan Pavlov used this method of ringing a bell to signify that it was meal time on dogs - who would then salivate upon the ringing of the bell despite the fact that no food had been placed in front of them - a most cruel torture to say the least.  And this torture is used in schools.

Home school and state school statistics:

Those who fall for the idea that only schools can provide a satisfactory education also tend to believe that home schooled children are odd, and will not be able to fit in to society.  This idea is unfortunate and shows a great deal of ignorance.  Home schooled children have a much higher rate of success - since they are working at level that suits their individual needs, rather than at the rate of a class of around thirty students, in which those with potential suffer a great deal due to the teacher being preoccupied with the less advanced students. 

Children who attend schools will be subjected to humiliation when they make a mistake, or fail to fit in with the more popular children - possibly through not being 'exactly' the same as everyone else, or not having the same materialistic plastic rubbish as the other children.  Teachers will embarrass their students should they answer something wrong in haste, instead of being taken aside and allowed a chance to think more carefully about the question and appropriate answer.  This humiliation forces children to rebel against the education itself, and to fail to form friendships throughout its school life, possible even in its adult life.
Another problem of the school system is the added fact that we entrust our children in the hands of strangers, need I say more?!  Would you leave your child in the hands of a stranger in the street?  What is the difference?!  Paedophiles will always find ways to get close to children - schools and nurseries allow these degenerates to be employed in roles that greatly affect our children, our children are left at the mercy of these people.
And of course let us not forget that in school our children may meet children that will lead them astray and teach them disgusting and dangerous habits.  Innocent and decent children who have been raised well, may easily be influenced by children who have not been raised properly.

We should never allow the state to convince us that we are incapable of providing our children with a worthy education.  There are plenty of sources out there to help us along, and once a child can read and write the education process becomes a lot easier and a lot more interesting for both parent and child.
Do not think of educating your child as an inconvenience, it is your duty to ensure your child has the greatest start in life.  It is a wonderful experience and highly rewarding to both you and your child/children.

In the hope that people will take notice I have prepared some sources of information to help you on your way:
Join your local library, take your children to local museums and such, teach them about nature, and their own culture as well as others.  Look in charity shops for books to practise reading.  Buy arts and crafts to help build their artistic skills and interests.  Home education is not subject to the strict and backwards school curriculum.  Please further research the subject and make your own mind up.  I hope the links are useful.

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